12 facts you may not know about Ranbir Kapoor

  1. Did you know that he is named after his grandfather Raj Kapoor, whose real name was Ranbir. Raj is the middle name of all Kapoor brothers.



2. Like rest of the Kapoor Khandaan, even Ranbir Kapoor is a foodie. His favorites include crab at Mahesh Lunch Home, the Teesri (clams) and Bombay Duck at Gajalee. He also enjoys home cooked bhindi, jungli mutton and paya.


3. Ranbir bonds well with his dad. However, this wasn’t always the case. As a kid, Ranbir was petrified of his father as he was very strict. The two never really got time to bond until Ranbir worked as an assistant director to Rishi Kapoor for his first directorial venture, Aa Ab Laut Chalein, and accompanied him to United States for the shooting.


4. Ranbir’s colourful love life is not a secret. But do you know that actor Imran Khan’s wife Avantika Malik was his teenage crush.


5. Ranbir is a big time Candy Crush addict.


6. When Ranbir Kapoor was a Kid, he used to have Imaginary Conversations with the Dead People for example, Hitler.

7. After passing out from Scottish College, he took admissions in HR College. His Mother reveals there was a time when his attendance percentage was only 2%.


8. He Still Takes His Weekly Pocket Money of Rs. 1500 from his Mother


9. Ranbir has a habit of wearing mismatched socks. 


10. When he was a child, Ranbir was  once rushing to the bathroom and fell face down on the pot and got an inch long cut on his face.


11.  Ranbir loves calculations! While driving, he adds the digits of  the number plate of the car in front of him.


12. . Ranbir suffers from a disease called Nasal Deviated Septum, which makes him talk and eat very fast.




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