Karan Johar On How He Hurt Shahrukh Khan And His Fallout With Kareena Kapoor : “An Unsuitable Boy”


Before and after the launch of his autobiography “An Unsuitable Boy”, Indian filmmaker Karan Johar has let the world know of many fascinating accounts of his friendships, heartbreaks, confusions, falling-outs and underworld threat and most importantly the question “is he a gay or isn’t he(?).” The latest one in a row may not be the most thrilling but definitely the most

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Karan Johar Received Death Threats Ahead Of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – An Unsuitable Boy

Among many interesting things, stories, controversies and admissions that have come to the fore through Karan Johar’s recently launched biography “An Unsuitable Boy”, here is the latest and perhaps the most shocking one. The book is an emotional roller coaster ride that takes us through many ups and downs the distinguished filmkaer went through along with his family and friends. This

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Is He A Gay Or Isn’t He? Top Indian Filmmaker Karan Johar Opens Up About His Sexual Orientation In His Biography “An Unsuitable Boy”


Finally, the speculations might be over for once and all. Celebrity Indian filmmaker Karan Johar opens up about his sexual orientation in his forthcoming biography, “An Unsuitable Boy“. His sexual orientation has been a subject of speculation for many years – by his fans and his critics. The more he came into the limelight, the more he was surrounded by controversies.

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