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Hindi Movie Raazi Alia Bhatt Meghna Gulzar 6

Raazi, directed by Meghna Gulzar has been one of the most awaited movies. The movie completely rests on the shoulders of Alia Bhatt and fans have been waiting to see how it turns out. Here is a look at what popular critics and celebrities think of the movie that has hit the screens today.

Starring: Alia BhattVicky KaushalJaideep Ahlawat

Directed by: Meghna Gulzar

Written by:  Harinder S. Sikka, Meghna Gulzar


for the uninitiated, here is the trailer to begin with:

Review by  Shalini Langer on the Indian Express

Rating: 3.5/5

Meghna Gulzar paces the film well, fleshing out the characters who make up the Sayed family, into which Sehmat is married, and then gradually turning up the tension as the bride’s cover wears thin.

Bring in Karan Johar, an India-Pakistan war, a Kashmiri family, and a novel springing from the pen of a retired defence officer, and you can almost hear the drumroll. That Raazi never becomes a chest-thumping spectacle of jingoism, despite all that is tempting in the preceding sentence, is presumably the work of the refiner sensibilities of writer-director Meghna Gulzar, with father Gulzar around as lyricist.

Raazi is an adaptation of Lt Commander (retd) Harinder S Sikka’s novel Calling Sehmat, on a Kashmiri girl of mixed Sikh-Muslim parentage who gets married into a high-ranking Pakistani military family, so as to spy for India. It was promoted as an ‘unknown true story’ of the 1971 war, and was given a willing platform by the Indian Navy — some said, for highlighting the Navy, that poorer cousin of the defence forces, in a pivotal role.

However, at a time when hate and anger are the currency of the subcontinent, a film like Raazi needs to be made.

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Hindi Movie Raazi Alia Bhatt Meghna Gulzar 7

Famous critic and trade analyst Tara Adarsh had a one word review for the movie that he rated 4 stars – TERRIFIC.

Actor Sidharth Malhotra called Alia wonder woman and supergirl – no one can disagree with that.

Review by Nandini Ramnath on

Alia Bhatt shines in a muddled and improbable spy thriller.

Meghna Gulzar’s new movie works hard to glide over the absurdity and soft jingoism of its source material. Raazi is utterly serious in its treatement of the idea of a weaponised Kashmiri woman who offers her body in the service of her nation. The moth-eaten story would not be out of place in 1960s Hindi cinema but it’s packaged with the elements that characterise present-day Bollywood: realistic performances, crisply edited sequences and skillful production design. As Alia Bhatt delivers a compelling and impressive central performance as a spy who betrays her family, there’s no hand-wringing sentimentality or obvious flag-waving. Despite this, the movie is unable to liberate itself of the outlandishness and questionable themes of the novel on which it is based.

It’s a careful balancing act, but one that contradicts the patriotic fervour that drives the book.

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Hindi Movie Raazi Alia Bhatt Meghna Gulzar 8

Singer and style icon Sophie Chaudhry calls the movie phenomenal.

Actor Taapsee Pannu says “Rarely a film meets expectations n this is bang on!”

Actor Hina Khan says that being a Kashmiri herself, she identifies with certain elements of the movie.

Review by Rohit Vats on Hindustan Times.

Rating:  4/5.

Director Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi is all about Alia Bhatt’s terrific performance. Here’s our movie review of the film based on a book titled Calling Sehmat.

A Delhi University girl follows her father’s footsteps and decides to become a spy in Pakistan. It’s not just the sacrifice of a life full of promises, but also the end of basic securities. This is a tradition she has picked in her house of Kashmiri patriots. Somewhere in the middle of being a vulnerable wife and a trained agent, she is walking the razor’s edge. One mistake and her cover is blown. What is even more scary is that she’s slowly losing out to her emotions, and it could cost her dearly.

This is 1971. The diplomatic relationship between India and Pakistan is tense because of Mujibur Rahman’s activities in East Pakistan. The two countries are on the brink of a war and information is their most lethal weapon. Sehmat Khan (Alia Bhatt) is married in a family of high-rank Pakistani army officers. Her assignments include trespassing the uncharted territories and making key information available to the Indian government.

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Hindi Movie Raazi Alia Bhatt Meghna Gulzar

The director and actor waiting before the special screening of the movie

Actor Kiara Advani says that it’s very inspiring to watch Alia perform.

Trade analyst Rohit Jaiswal syas that the movie will “will take a Strong Opening for Sure…”.

Review by Anna Vetticad’ on First Post.

Rating: 4.5/5

Alia Bhatt is stupendous in Meghna Gulzar’s heart-stopping, heartbreaking espionage drama.

An elderly Kashmiri gentleman called Hidayat (Rajit Kapoor) travels back and forth between India and Pakistan under the pretext of business dealings, when actually he is serving as a double agent between both countries. His friend in Pakistan, Brigadier Syed (Shishir Sharma), is convinced that Hidayat is spying on India for Pakistan. The truth is the exact opposite: Hidayat is a loyal lieutenant of India’s Intelligence services and, as it happens, the son of a freedom fighter.

As his life nears its end, he wants to ensure that his mission is not disrupted at this delicate juncture – the year is 1971, when India-Pakistan tensions are running high in the midst of the liberation war in East Pakistan, now Bangladesh. It dawns on Hidayat that continuity can come if his daughter Sehmat (Alia Bhatt) marries the Brigadier’s son. The catch is that she is a mere teenager – a college student in Delhi University – and untrained, and there is no telling whether she will go along with her father’s plan. She does. And soon enough she is the bride of Major Iqbal Syed and a resident of the Syed family home in Pakistan through which passes crucial national security documents and senior members of the country’s defence forces.

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Hindi Movie Raazi Alia Bhatt Meghna Gulzar 10

Actor producer Jackky Bhagnani is also full of praise for Alia. 

Rajkumar Hirani calls it an outstanding film.

Review by Sameeksha on News 18

Ratng: 3.5/5

Alia Bhatt Starrer is a Gripping Watch That Keeps You On the Edge.

Patriotism is one emotion Hindi cinema has never shied away from. From the pre-Independence movement to India-Pak tensions, war and nationalism have always found a decent space on celluloid. Mostly, these films deal with the topic in shades of black and white, telling the story from the battlelines, but Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi is different in every fashion. The film evokes the feeling of patriotism one experienced in the films of JP Dutta, but unlike those films, it’s the compassion and emotions that win the heart. 

Raazi, based on the Harinder Sikka’s novel Calling Sehmat, is a true story of a Kashmiri girl married to a Pakistani soldier in order to extract information for Indian Intelligence Bureau during 1971 tensions. While the story itself carries weight, it is Alia Bhatt’s portrayal of 20-year-old spy Sehmat that takes the film to a whole new level. Starting as a clumsy, innocent and naive college student, Alia’s Sehmat transforms herself into a confident, guilty yet competent informant, who keeps nothing above her duty for the nation.

Alia once again proves why she is now every director’s favourite actor for all kinds of roles. 

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