Baywatch: The Rock Dwayne Johnson’s Letter To His Fans And Priyanka Chopra’s Warning – Summer Is Coming


Seldom there comes a movie that people are already in love with, long before the release. Baywatch has a legacy. A memory so sweet that everyone is elated at the promise of a resurrection. From what we have learned from the trailer so far, it has everything that one can expect from Baywatch. Beach, bikini clad sexy girls, slo-mo running, humor, loads of action and witty dialog. And there is more, there is Dwayne Johnson, flexing his muscles and saving pretty girls from the dangerous ocean. The Rock, Dwayne Johnson has sent a letter to his fans suffering quietly in the chills of the winter. He says “Don’t worry, summer is coming”:

“I know it’s COLD out there, but I promise you, SUMMER IS COMING.
And it’s gonna feel sooooooo good. But for now, just close your eyes and imagine you running next to us down our beach in slo-motion… now imagine me turning to you, looking deep in your eyes and giving you a sexy slo-mo kiss on the lips (if you’re a girl), or me giving you a bad ass slo-mo fist bump (if you’re a dude), then imagine me throwing both of your asses in the ocean, as I keep running like a G. 😂🤙🏾 Summer is coming and so are we. And we’re all gonna have a blast.

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But watch out. There is danger. The warning comes from debutante Priyanka Chopra, the Indian actress that is making waves with her TV show Quantico. She is hot, she is sweet, but she is “as dangerous as they come”. Here is the counter poster from the negative lead.

“Here’s a free lesson for all the rookies: She’s as dangerous as they come… don’t fall for her charm. #SummerIsComing🔥 #BeBaywatch #VictoriaLeeds “

Priyanka Chopra is a two time People’s Choice Award winner for best actress for her role in TV show Quantico. Baywatch is her Hollywood movie debut and from what we have learned so far, she is the one to watch out for, if you want out alive.

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