Bill Murray Reflects On New ‘Ghostbusters’ Cameo And Why Netflix Eludes Him

Bollywood Red Bill Murray on Golf fashion line Netflix and Ghostbusters

Actor, comedian, writer Bill Murray is in news as he partners With Pebble Beach as first retailer for his golf clothing line  ‘William Murray Golf’. In an interview with the “Squawk Box” crew, the actor talked about his various projects and the future of content. “I don’t have a plan. I am basically lazy, then a certain amount of conscience kicks in and then there is the idea.” said the 66 year old Oscar nominee actor on basically how he functions. On why he never wanted to do a ‘Ghostbusters 3’, Murray doesn’t seem to be quite convinced. “It just wasn’t quite as good and deeper cut as the first one. That first one was pretty good,” said the actor.

He also spoke about Netflix and the future of content. “I did a show for Netflix. They were nice people. It was “A Very Murray Christmas Show” and they were very nice to work with.”

On Tim Robbins he said, “Tim Robbins is a guy who will do nothing that is easy.”

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The actor also joked about Jack Nicholson during the talk, “Jack Nicholson is a poacher. He will take anything.”

Watch the interview :

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