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Top 10 Richest Bollywood Actors In 2017

The two most attractive thing in stardom are fame and money and they two mostly go hand by hand. An actor who is more famous, can demand more money though his asking price always is a personal decision. Other than the films, an actor earns also a huge amount of money from endorsement, ads, events among the other things. We have already published a list of top 10 highest paid Bollywood actors in for the year 2016. Here is a list of top 10 richest actors in Bollywood according to their net worth.  To be among the richest, an actor needs consistency in his popularity as well as demand in his work. Some actors become extremely popular for a short period. They earn a lot of money during that time, but once the popularity drops, the earning also goes down. So it is quite a tough achievement to make it to the list of top 10 richest actors. Lets take a look who are the top 10.

10. Hrithik Roshan: Net Worth $45 Million

Bollywood Red Hrithik Roshan Top 10 Earning Actor Payment Rich List Popular

42 year old Hrithin Roshan made a grand entry in the year 2000 with his debut film ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. The film easily established him in Bollywood as one of the best looker, the best dancer and as an action star. The country wide hysteria following the release of  ‘Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai’ is known as hrithikmania and lasted for 1 year only as his films bombed from 2001-2004. The hysteria was similar but lesser in comparison to Rajesh Khanna hysteria in 1969-1976 period. Hrithik got 30000 marriage proposals on Valentine’s day 2000. Though that instant fame has dropped over the years, still he commands huge popularity with a loyal fan base. For his debut film, Roshan earned the Filmfare Award for Best Actor and Best Male Debut. The actor often supports charities of various kinds. Known as a perfectionist and control freak he believes in extensive rehearsals and preparations. Since his debut film he has won six Filmfare Awards.  Roshan’s net worth is around $45 million Rs 270 Crore while his annual income is Rs 20 Crore. This handsome actor has earned his net worth of $30.

9. Irrfan Khan: Net Worth $50 Million

Bollywood Red Irrfan Khan

50 year old actor Irrfan Khan is acclaimed by the critics & the entire world as one of the best actor of his times. Born and brought up in Jaipur into feudal Nawab family, though had no one from the entertainment field in the family, his passion was acting since childhood. He went on to achieve his share of fame on global platform leaving behind all his contemporaries. Two of the films that he has worked on (Slumdog Millionaire and Life of Pi) collectively won 12 Oscars. He has worked in some of the biggest projects ever like Life Of Pie, Slumdog Millionaire, Jurassic World, The Amazing Spider-man, Inferno among many other films. Khan was offered Matt Damon’s part in ‘Interstellar’ and Chiwetel Ejiofer’s part in ‘The Martian’, he ended up turning down both roles due to scheduling conflicts. His film Jurassic World has broken all records by giving a humongous opening of $511 million worldwide which is the biggest opening ever. Based on his talent and skill in acting in various movies, Irrfan could pull in as much as $4 million per movie with the net worth of $50 million.

8. John Abraham: Net Worth $55 Million

Bollywood Red John Abraham

John Abraham, 44 is an Indian film actor, producer, and a former model. After modeling for numerous advertisements and companies, Abraham made his film debut with Jism, which earned him a Filmfare Best Debut Award nomination. He is known as a successful name in the industry and has earned net worth of $55 million. He has an annual income of $12 million and is known to charge between $10 to $12 crores per movie. By the time he turned 41, he had already earned 80$ Million /Rs 480 Crore. John Abraham is half Malayali and half Parsi: Father is a Christian from Kerala, mother belongs to India’s Parsi community.

7. Ranbir Kapoor: Net Worth $66 Million

Bollywood Red Ranbir Kapoor Top 10 Earning Actor Payment Rich List Popular

34 year old actor Ranbir Kapoor is one of the best actors of his time. He belongs to the first family of Bollywood, family of legendary Raj Kapoor. Son of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh; nephew of actors Randhir Kapoor, Rajiv Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor. He is the grandnephew of actors Shashi Kapoor, Jennifer Kendal, Shammi Kapoor, Geeta Bali; cousin of actresses Kareena Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor. Kapoor has received five Filmfare Awards. Over the years the actor has become one of the most popular celebrities and one of the highest-paid actors in India. He is the recipient of several awards including five Filmfare Awards. As for his net worth is concerned, it is the highest figure that he has received in his career. But as per the financial report, he makes 30 crores on annual basis as he charges between 15 to 20 crores per movie post ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani’.

6. Dharmendra: Net Worth $70 Million

Bollywood Red Dharmendra 1

The 81 year legendary actor Dharmendra Deol received his Filmfare Lifetime Achivement Award in 1977 for his contribution to Hindi cinema. Popularly known as ‘Dharam Paji’  he is one of the biggest stars of Indian cinema. Dharmendra played the romantic hero in woman centric films from 1960-1968 and became romantic hero from 1968-69 and played the role of action hero from 1975-1997. Dharmendra has appeared in 288 films. He is also known as ‘Garam’ Dharam in Bollywood. He is married twice. His first wife is Prakash Kaur and second wife is famous actress Hema Malini. He has four children with his first wife Prakash Kaur, two sons, the Bollywood stars Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol and two daughters Ajeeta and Vijeta. With Hema Malini, he has two daughters Esha and Ahana. His starring roles in action films earned him nicknames such as ‘Action King’ and ‘He-Man’. His net worth is currently estimated to be $70 million which he has earned from many films starting from Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere in 1960. At this age also, Dharmendra acts occasionally.

5. Akshay Kumar: Net Worth $180 Million

Bollywood Red Akshay Kumar Top 10 Earning Actor Payment Rich List Popular

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia who is better known by his stage name ‘Akshay Kumar’ is an Indian actor, producer, and martial artist who has appeared in over a hundred Hindi films. He has been nominated for Filmfare Awards several times, winning it two times. His net worth is currently rated to be about $180 million. He also has extensive properties which includes land, bungalows, luxury cars and a range of custom-made bike collections. He is known as a savvy investor. He is married to ex-actress Twinkle Khanna and is the father of two kids.

4. Aamir Khan: $185 Million

Bollywood Red Aamir Khan

52 year old Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is one of the biggest superstsr and is known to be the perfectionist. He has married twice. His first wife was Reena with who he has got two children. Later in 2006 he married Kiran Rao with who he has one son, Azaad. Khan Turned down Madame Tussaud’s offer for a wax statue of him. He is a recipient of Padma-shree  and Padma Bhushan. He was the first Bollywood actor to cross the 100 crore mark with his 2008 film Ghajini, which became the highest grossing film of all time until his next release 3 Idiots. That record was broken by his film PK. His home production, Lagaan, in which he also starred in, was the third Indian film ever to be nominated for an Oscar. Khan is said to be the highest paid actor in Bollywood. He endorses multiple brands and charges 10-12 crore per endorsements. Brand Endorsements forms a substantive part of Aamir Khan’s net worth. His income from Dangal is not included in this list.

3. Salman Khan: 200$ Million

Bollywood Red Salman Khan


51 year old Salman Khan, an actor, producer, and television personality is the son of the legendary writer Salim Khan. Salman started his acting carrier in 1988 by doing a supporting role in the movie Biwi Ho To Aisi in1988. The following year he had the leading role in the box office romantic hit Maine Pyar Kiya in1989. Since than the actor has never looked back and has never faced a low in his entire career. He is the only actor in Bollywood who has been always in demand and the capacity to fetch the crowd to box office on his name only. He is famous for his acts of charity. He has two brothers, directors Arbaaz and Sohail Khan. He was named as the top most 100 celebrities in India by ‘Vogue’ in 2006 beating Shahrukh Khan. Among other awards he has received 4 National Film Awards and 7 Filmfare Awards.

2. Amitabh Bachchan: Net Worth $402 Million

Bollywood Red Amitabh Bachchan Top 10 Earning Actor Payment Rich List Popular

74 year legendary actor Amitabh Bachhan started his career and became the second superstar in the country after Rajesh Khanna. Known as ‘angry young man’ this star of the millennium started jis career in 1969 and went on to do around 200 movies till date. With  a career spanning almost five decades Bachchan is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema. He is married to actress Jaya Bhaduri and is father of Shweta Bachhan and actor Abhishek Bachhan. He is the presenter of Kaun Banega Crorepati, India’s version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, an immensely popular TV show.  Was named Actor of the Millennium in a BBC News Poll ahead of such luminaries as Charles Chaplin, Sir Laurence Olivier, and Marlon Brando. Bachchan made his Hollywood debut in 2013 with The Great Gatsby, in which he played a non-Indian Jewish character, Meyer Wolfsheim.

1.Shah Rukh Khan: Net Worth 600$ Million

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 9

51 year old Shahrukh Khan, popularly referred to as ‘King Khan’, is an actor, producer and TV personality. He started his career in television show ‘Fauji’ and later shifted to films. Referred to in the media as the “Baadshah of Bollywood”, he has appeared in more than 80 Bollywood films has a significant following in Asia and the Indian diaspora worldwide. In terms of audience size and income, he is one of the most successful film stars in the world. He married Gauri Khan on 25 October 1991. They have three children, son Aryan Khan , son AbRam and daughter Suhana. Named one of Time Magazine’s 20 Asian Heroes under 40 in 2004. He has been awarded the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of the Arts and Literature) award by the French government for his exceptional career. He has won 14 Filmfare awards. Launched his perfume “SK” with the French perfumers and Jeannes Arthes. Among all the awards he has received so far, Khan has won the best actor award 29 times. One of the richest actor worldwide, Shahrukh’s sea facing villa Mannat is famous as a tourist destination, where he resides. His fans across the country and other people visit there just to take a look from outside. He has purchased a villa on a man made island on the coast of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Khan is fond of BMW cars and owns a number of them including the latest models.









Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 19

Shahrukh Khan: ‘My success is all down to the women I’ve worked with’

At 51, Shahrukh Khan is the biggest movie star in the world. He is the King Khan. According to Forbes, his earnings (an estimated $33m/£26.5m in 2016), 70-film back catalogue and international popular appeal put him well ahead of Hollywood’s mega-celebrities. The actor says he never wanted to be an actor. When in college, all he had done is one line in a play – “A letter for you, ma’am”. His mother told neighbours that her son is an actor. Later in his life, he auditioned for the TV show ‘Fauji’ and he was cast in the lead role. “And then I became famous,” says Khan. Till date, he is popular among the TV actors as one can become a Shahrukh Khan even if one is on TV.

Then how did exactly happen that he pursued acting when he was not aspiring for it at the first place. “I didn’t really want to do it, but my mum died and I came to Bombay. I told Gauri (now his wife) and my sister that I was depressed and wanted a change of scene, so I [left Delhi] for one year and it has now been more than 25 years. I still don’t know if I’m cut out for acting.”

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 1

Success has made Khan humble over the years and above all there is a sense of gratitude, specifically when you look at his stardom and the empire he has built over the years.The hotel suites he stays in, the expensive suit and beautiful shoes, the bodyguards, and a efficient army of assistants – including one whose job it is to carry a hand-held mirror so Khan can check on his hair, make up and look before photographs are taken – says it all.

You mention his success and King Khan gets quite philosophical about his place in the world. He is one of those people who is extremely honest and frank about how hard the people of his stature work to maintain that level of fame – and how much they need it. “I make people happy. Whether I’m a good actor or not, whether I’m in a hit film or a flop, the one ability I haven’t lost is that I can go into the streets and out of 10, maybe six people will smile. That’s still a good average.” And he is absolutely right. He is simply loved and adored by his extremely loyal fans in India and abroad. In abroad no Indian actor is admired the way Khan is.

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 9

“I get very disappointed if I see people who aren’t enjoying what I’m doing and it’s not even value for money, it’s value for liking me. I need people to be happy after they’ve met me, if nothing else. You’re sitting with me now: you can see I’m a very boring person – but if you have an image of me being cool or funny or romantic from the films, I’ll do my best to live up to that expectation. If you tell me I’m not smiling enough, I will smile more.” This approach can be too demanding. But Khan says he thrives on it, as the rest of the time can feel lonely on set or lonely at home.

It is in fact a requirement for him too. “I’m very shy and reclusive. I have to do the public things I do, and I do them with a lot of happiness. But I can’t take them home with me.” It’s the cliche of mega fame: the bigger your success, the smaller your world becomes. The more people love you, the fewer you truly trust and turn to. “I’m very sensitive, it’s why I’m very friendly and charming and everything people expect me to be, but I don’t have any friends.”

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 6

He insists that he is emotional to the extent of out of ordinary. “I get hurt very easily,” he quips. “I’m not very social. I don’t like keeping relationships.”

“There is hardly anyone I share my feelings with,” he says. “I believe your feelings are your own and no one understands them as well as you. Somebody can give it a good hearing, but nobody can solve the issue of your feelings, so I keep them to myself.”

He tells the story of a friend without naming him, who wrote a biography and “completely destroyed” him. She said that Khan was over the hill, that his (now successful) production company would fail, that younger, better-looking actors would soon knock him off the top of the tree.

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan

“When the interview was over,” says Khan, “we were going out with my son, and I joked to him: ‘Aryan, tell Aunty who is the biggest star’, and he said ‘Shah Rukh Khan.’ She wrote: ‘He will need more than his son to believe that.’ That was hurtful.” It is clear on his face that the memory is unpleasant for him.

“Don’t suffer, live with it or learn to live with it. I’m at unrest. I’m at discomfort, not only with feelings, but a lot of things. I believe if you’re creative, then this will happen. So when people ask me: ‘Are you happy?’, I say: “No, I’m not so stupid to be happy all the time.”

Politics and religion are not the comfortable topics for him. Whenever the actor has spoken on it, it has drawn only controversy. He is a kind of tired about it. But he is too polite not to answer any question bluntly. So with discomfort he attempts to venture into it.  “I tell my kids, there are people who are completely mental who misuse and misunderstand the religion. Of course, you can always find an excuse that they were taught this wrongly when they were impressionable, but they are still wrong. No religion in any way condones violence, yet religious wars have been going on since time immemorial. There has to be a huge discussion in how we clear the name of any religion … but you can’t at this point.” He continues, “Look, there are people who believe our religion teaches violence, and it doesn’t. I know it, you know it. I have been brought up by Hindus all my life, I am Muslim by birth and I studied in an Irish Christian school. I know all religions to a certain extent and they are fundamentally the same – the majority of people understand that.”

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 7

In 2015 , the famous  Khan faced the most indignified backlash of his career in his home country India, with calls for him to be deported to Pakistan for having the temerity to call out the “extreme religious intolerance”  that he saw growing in the country. Then things escalated to a level after  a terrorist attack on soldiers in Uri in 2016 which led to the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association banning all Pakistani actors, singers and crew from working in the industry “for ever”. The local leader Raj Thakrey’s  Maharashtra Navnirman Sena called for all entertainment industry workers of Pakistani origin to leave India within 48 hours. Khan’s best friend and notable filmmaker Karan Johar got stuck in the middle of controversy, as his movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” featuring Pakistani actor Fawad Khan, was scheduled to release then. He had to release a video statement in support of the ban, begging audiences to watch his new film. The film was released after Johar vowed not to work with Pakistani artists ever again in future.

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 8

So does this bother Khan or not. “I can’t get into that,” he says quickly. “Look at my life now: I have 200 to 300 people who are attached to the business of Shah Rukh Khan. To affect the lives of some 250 people for a comment that I make, which is misread or misquoted or misunderstood by the people reading it? To me, to be able to carry on working as an actor and a star, it is a big responsibility to do it this way. I can’t let them down.” He tries to explain. “You have to understand, anything I say or discuss, there are people extremely happy to underline one thing and blow it out of proportion. It’s unfortunate for someone like me who did speak his mind. I only speak my mind to my kids now.”

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 16


The superstar has three children (Aryan, 19, Suhana, 16 and three-year-old AbRam) with his wife Gauri, a film producer. The couple married in 1991 at a very young age when Gauri was 21 and he was 25.  “It is difficult to be married to a movie star,” He says on his secret to a successful married life. “We work because there is a lot of space. I like being on my own and that is provided without it being a thing. Nobody questions it, nobody talks about it: it takes a huge amount of sacrifice on the part of the spouse of a movie star. They need to have a certain level of confidence, belief, being OK with the hours of the star being away and still being able to maintain a certain amount of proximity for the family as a whole. But space is the key thing.”

Bollywood Red Shahrukh Khan family

Does he worry about his children being spoilt by his wealth and fame?

“All the time. After their health, I worry that the shadow of my fame does not destroy their identity, that’s why I’ve sent them abroad to study, to figure out what they want to do. My kids are very balanced, mashallah, but to be children of a famous father … I want them out of this shadow. I wouldn’t even mind the shadow decreasing if it helps them.”

He cannot freely roam around any more. He gets mobbed quickly. So does he ever consider go out in disguise? “I worked very hard to be recognised. Why would I want to be in disguise?” He quickly throws a witty response which is the strongest trait of all his interviews.

Bollywood red Shahrukh Khan 15

Over the years   Khan has attributed his success to the women around him generously. “I lost my father, then my mother, early on,” he says. “But the women in my life – the actresses – have helped me immensely. Everything I am is because of them. They are doing all that work and, mostly, I take away the credit for the film. I’m Shah Rukh Khan. None of them has become Shah Rukh Khan and I hope they do. I’m not trying to be pompous about myself. Madhuri Dixit has held my hand in those dancing scenes and I’m not leading her, she’s leading me. Juhi Chawla taught me how to do comic timing, Kajol taught me how to cry. They worked their asses off and then, at the end of the film, it’s ‘Shah Rukh Khan: the superstar’. And I know it. I can’t deny it. And I can never ever forget I am [there] because of women. All my chivalry, goodness, gentlemanliness only stems from the fact that it’s my way of saying thank you. They are fabulous in the films. In every film.” signs off the actor.


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6 Blockbuster Movies Rejected By Salman Khan

Salman Khan is the most successful Bollywood actor when it comes to the box office. His fan following is enormous. He is the undisputed top most Bollywood actor in Vogue’s list on the basis of earning and popularity both. The actor is known to deliver box office successes one after another. He is a dream actor and most chased one by the top directors. Son of a top writer Salim Khan and brother of two successful directors Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan, Salman Khan is expected to choose his movies wisely. But the actor has declined some big offers in the past which then went on to become some of the top box office successes of all time.  One actor’s loss is always another actor’s gain. In fact, three of those films that were subsequently done by Shahrukh Khan, became the career defining movies for the superstar.

So let’s take a look on the hugely successful films that were offered to Salman Khan.

Baazigar 1993

Bollywood Red Baazigar Shahrukh Khan and Kajol

Though Shahrukh Khan had already done a few films before, but Baazigar’s success landed him among the top league actors of Bollywood and cleared his path to go on to be called a superstar. His performance in the negative role of Baazigar drew attention of the critics as well.  The film became a huge success at box office and after that Shahrukh never looked back. The film was initially offered to salman Khan. Salman was director duo Abbas-Mastan’s first choice, but the actor refused the part. The role earned Shahrukh the Best Actor award from Filmfare.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge 1995

Bollywood Red DDLJ Shahrukh Khan and Kajol

The most iconic romantic movie of Bollywood Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is another movie that Salman refused for some unknown reasons. In fact, he kept on refusing many movies from Yasraj till Ek Tha Tiger in 2012. The movie was one of the most ambitious project of Yashraj as it was the debut film of Aditya Chopra as a director. In fact, Aditya Chopra wanted to cast Tom Cruise for the legendary role of ‘Raj Malhotra’ in ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ as he wanted it to be an Indo-American affair. But Aditya Chopra had to re-work on his story as his legendary filmmaker father Yash Chopra didn’t want to make it with foreign star. The movie released on 25th anniversary of Yash Raj Films. After SRK won Best Actor for his role in this movie, Aamir Khan stopped attending the Filmfare Awards because he felt he should have won for Rangeela. The movie is the first Indian movie with a Dolby sound mix. This movie remains the most iconic film in the history of Indian cinema.

On 14 December 2014 the movie continued in theaters and had remained in theaters and in 19 years, 1000 weeks. On December 14, 2014, Aditya Chopra released a book titled “Aditya Chopra relives… Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” to celebrate the film completing 1000 weeks.

Josh 2000

Bollywood Red Baazigar Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya

Apparently, the director Mansoor Khan had offered the lead role to Salman Khan but Salman refused as he didn’t want to play a brother to Aiswarya Rai. The film took 4 years to complete. But went on to become successful at box office. Shahrukh Khan wore blue contacts in the film in order to look more like Aishwarya Rai in the film. Shahrukh Khan rendered his own voice for the song “Apun Bola”.

Kal Ho Na Ho 2003

Bollywood Red Baazigar Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta

Salman was also offered the role of ‘Aman’ (later played by Saif Ali Khan) in Kal Ho Na Ho. But he was not interested in playing a supporting actor to Shahrukh Khan, so he turned down the offer. Filmmaker Karan Johar had written the script with his friend Kareena Kapoor  in mind as the leading lady. But she asked for too high a fee and was replaced by Preity Zinta. This later became the bone of contention between both of them and Johar didn’t speak to Kareena for over a year which he regretted later and has written about it elaborately in his autobiography ‘The Unsuitable Boy’.

Kal Ho Naa Ho also shares with the only other two Bollywood Films – Kabhie Kabhie (1976) and Saathiya (2004) to be the only Bollywood film that holds the maximum (3) number of music awards (where the title song is exactly the same with the film).

Chak De India 2007

Bollywood Red Chak De India Shahrukh Khan 1

Another one of Shahrukh Khan’s much-acclaimed role as the coach of the Indian Women Hockey Team was first offered to Salman. But he couldn’t take up the movie because of his busy schedule.  The movie was a big success at box office and took Shahrukh’s credibility to few notches up. Also it helped him break the stereotype and got very good reviews on his performance from critics. This film sparked a national resurgence of interest in the sport. Within days of the film’s appearance, sales of hockey sticks shot up by 30%. Chak De India was based on the real life of legendary hockey player Mirranjan Negi. Writer Jaideep Sahni got the idea for the script when he was flicking through a newspaper and a small story about a women’s hockey team caught his eye. Actress Freida Pinto auditioned for a role in the film. SRK again won his 7th filmfare award for best actor for Chak de India. The title song in this movie even inspired Indian cricket team to win ICC T20 World cup 2007.

Ghajini 2008

Bollywood Red Ghajini Aamir Khan

Now this role was definitely written keeping Salman Khan in mind, no doubt about it. The movie narrates the life of a short-term memory loss patient who sets out on his journey to avenge the death of his beloved girl. Aamir Khan, as he is called a perfectionist, did a superb job in the role. But Salman could have also pulled off the role well. In fact, Aamir himself recommended Salman’s name after reading the script. But ultimately Aamir ended up doing the role.  Ghajini was the first film in India to be given a UA certificate on account of violence and not sexual content.

This is a remake of the Tamil film Ghajini (2005), which was inspired by the Christopher Nolan movie Memento (2000).  Anil Kapoor revealed in an interview that Christopher Nolan was upset that they didn’t give him any credits or money as the film is inspired by his movie Memento (2000) when he met him in Hollywood. However Nolan and the Ghajini crew talked over and everything got sorted out later. Ghajini was the first Hindi movie ever to cross 100 crore. It also started the trend of the prestigious “100 crore ” club.

Though Salman Khan didn’t become a part of these successful movies, he still continued to rule over box office and has delivered hits one after another.

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Bollywood Red Anushka Sharma Phillauri 1

What Anushka Sharma Said About Gurmehar Kaur When Asked

Actress Anushka Sharma is known about her fierce opinion and statements. Nothing stops her from saying once she makes up her mind. But interestingly she just declined to comment directly on the controversy over Delhi University student Gurmehar Kaur but did say that everyone is entitled to an opinion, while speaking to NDTV.  “It’s a personal view, don’t want to make it public,” the 28-year-old actress said when asked what she thought of Gurmehar Kaur who allegedly received rape threats after a Facebook post against the BJP-linked student outfit ABVP. It was more like she mirrored Vidya Balan’s sentiment. Trolling is a subject Anushka Sharma has first-hand experience of. The actress has repeatedly been blamed and mocked on social media for the pitch performance of her boyfriend, cricketer Virat Kohli.

Bollywood Red Anushka Sharma Phillauri 4
Anushka Sharma in her upcoming film Phillauri

She was also asked about dissent and nationalism, on which the actress preferred not to talk about anything in particular.

“I feel everyone should have a right to their own opinion and everybody who is opposing it should say what they want to say and it should not be a problem.

That’s how I lead my life. In my world too, people have a difference in opinion, hear it and move on.” – Anushka Sharma

Actress Vidya Balan had earlier told news agency PTI , “I don’t want to say much about this. I think what we really need to do is respect people’s freedom of expression. ‘He said something she said something’, all are right in their places. But I don’t want to add anything more, everyone has the right to express what they feel.”

Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of a soldier who died in 1999, after trolled and received rape threats on social media, announced yesterday that she was withdrawing from a planned march to protest against campus violence, allegedly provoked by ABVP.

She was criticized on social media for a video she made last year, where she holds up a placard that reads: ‘Pakistan did not kill my father, war killed him.’ Cricketer Virender Sehwag picked it up and made a mockery of it after she said she is not scared of ABVP. He was immediately joined by actor Randeep Hooda. Then she was trolled on social media and started getting rape threats. Sehwag and Hooda were accused of ‘bullying’ Ms Kaur. Both men have defended themselves, saying their intention was not to bully or troll.

Bollywood Red Anushka Sharma Phillauri 3
Diljit Dosanjh and Anushka Sharma in Phillauri

Last year, Virat Kohli’s post defending Anushka, when she was trolled for his non-performance, was the ‘Golden Tweet of 2016.‘ On trolls the actress has a clear opinion.

“Sitting in front of the computer and abusing people is the easiest, it’s a weapon of the weak. If you have to say something come out and confront that takes strength. Just cap the negativity is all I want to say.” – Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma had issued a statement a few weeks ago to dismiss rumors that Virat is funding her next production, Phillauri. The film is her second production after NH10, which also stars actors Diljit Dosanjh and Suraj Sharma. Phillauri, in which Anushka plays a ghost bride, is scheduled for release on 24th of March this year.

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Bollywood Red Badrinath Ki Dulhania Alia Bhatt Varud Dhawan Karan Johar Dharma Productions Holi Release CBFC

CBFC Again Does Something Funny With Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya! Check Out The Terms And Conditions

When everything was going smooth for the makers of Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan’s ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’, the film hits the road block from none other than the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). According to a report in DNA, the CBFC has issued a U/A certificate to the Dharma Productions film ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’. But CBFC wants the makers to get an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the matrimonial website and that’s the condition under which it gave a U/A certificate. “The name of the site crops up throughout the film and hence, the CBFC has asked producer Karan Johar to submit an NOC from the site in question. Only then would they be allowed to retain the name in the film,” it quoted a source as saying.

Bollywood Red Badrinath Ki Dulhania Alia Bhatt Varun Dhawan Trailer

“A recent legal issue, concerning Running saw the makers dropping the ‘.com’ from their title and from every mention in the film. The Board can’t allow a repeat of the same tamasha post-certification,” the source added.

Also the CBFC is demanding an unambiguous disclaimer from Karan Johar, the producer of ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ as the infamous dowry system plays a prominent part in the plot.

The Quint has reported that a source from CBFC says, “although the film and its makers in no way endorse the dowry system the censor board has demanded a clear disclaimer at the beginning of the opening credit titles stating the film and its makers do not endorse the dowry system.”

Bollywood Red Badrinath Ki Dulhania Alia Bhatt Varun Dhawan 1

According to The Quint, besides this disclaimer, the CBFC has also demanded the removal of the word pichhwada (backside) from Varun Dhawan’s dialogue, the source says.

The reason is definitely funny. “Both Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt are youth icons. They should be careful of what they say and the values they uphold on screen”, mentions the source.

We wonder, what would have happened to the film in case Varun’s character would have been a thief or something like that.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan – “I am in the best phase of my life”

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, who became a proud mother in December last year, told news agency IANS that she is in the best phase of her life. “I feel alive because I feel I am in the best phase of my life. I am a happy person and always look out for positivity”, she said. The 36 year old actress, a wife and a mother will start shooting for her next film ‘Veere Di Wedding’ from April. She worked through her pregnancy and now happily she plans to juggle motherhood and work and during a live chat on Facebook in February, she said that she would take Taimur to the sets of her films if she needs to.

Bollywood Red Kareena Kapoor Khan Veere Di Wedding

Speaking on her professional life, she earlier told IANS, “I have always balanced my work and my marriage. People thought that I wouldn’t, and I did. I am going to continue to do that. I think women know how to multi-task.” The actress, who is married to actor Saif Ali Khan, had signed ‘Veere Di Wedding’ after she was pregnant with Taimur. She flaunted her pregnancy like no one had ever done in Bollywood before and attended her regular social gatherings, finished her endorsement commitments, shot for her upcoming film ‘Veere Di Wedding’ and walked on the ramp too.

#sistersquadgoals👭#familyfirst in @manishmalhotra05

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To a query on the trouble many celebrities face after expressing their opinion on social media, Kareena told IANS, “I would rather watch TV in home and relax than express my opinion on everything and get trolled by people on social media. I am one of the actress who is neither on Twitter, nor on Instagram.”


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Of her little son, she had said that Taimur is very good looking and has Pathan genes.

Kareena married Saif Ali Khan in 2012 and Taimur is the couple’s first child together. Right after their son was born, the couple was trolled for the choice of their son’s name.

Professionally, Kareena Kapoor Khan, who was last seen in Ki and Ka is prepping for Veere Di Wedding, which also stars Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar. Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, the film is a romantic comedy which is about four women who embark on a trip from Delhi to Europe.

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Bollywood red Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya Varun Dhawan Tamma Tamma

Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan’s Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya : What We Know About Badri

Badrinath bansal a.k.a. Badri of upcoming film ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya’ falls in love with his dream girl Vaidehi Trivedi who refuses to even consider him. But Badri is just not ‘giving up’ types and pursues his love against all odds. He takes up the challenge and from there on his journey starts to prove Vaidehi that he is the one for her. Badri is loving, caring and can make you laugh. So what is his character is exactly which Vaidehi doesn’t approve of? Dharma Production’s film has already sets the expectations high and there is already a chemistry between Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan. Since the character of Badri has been introduced, everyone including Shahrukh Khan and other Bollywood stars are already curious about the character.

Bollywood Red Badrinath Ki Dulhania Alia Bhatt Varun Dhawan Trailer

Badrinath is only Virat Kohli’s fan and a huge fan. Varun Dhawan wrote in a tweet, “Badri is only @imVkohli fan. Thank you virat for being so cool and humble we all have a lot to learn from u #realhero.”

Badrinath is kaccha in math and is defeated by compound interest. On the other hand Vaidehi can calculate simple and compound interest. He does eventually wrestle with and learn the formula for simple interest – but compound interest defeats him.

Bollywood Red Badrinath Ki Dulhania Alia Bhatt Varun Dhawan 1

Badrinath Bansal doesn’t have a brain, but has a heart which beats only for Vaidehi. During the launch of the trailer of Badrinath Ki Dulhania, Varun Dhawan said that at one point of time, he was like his character Badrinath. He told news agency IANS, “Badrinath doesn’t have a brain, but he has a heart. I was like that probably when I was in college.” Varun tweeted this too.

By the way, Badrinath is very expressive when it comes to women. Badrinath is naive but has no problem approaching women – and, indeed, annoys Vaidehi by skipping the preliminaries and ‘taking rishta‘ to her house. In an interview to Indian Express, Varun said that Badrinath Bansal is very expressive and smart. “Badri will create a scene if he has to. So to become Badri for the film, I had to break a lot of personal barriers. I just cannot talk to girls the way Badri does,” he said.

Bollywood Red Badrinath Ki Dulhania Alia Bhatt Varud Dhawan Karan Johar Dharma Productions Holi Release

Also Badrinath loves Sanjay Dutt. In the film Tamma Tamma song is there which is a remixed version of the Nineties hit from Thanedaar, featuring Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt.

Watch the song here :

Official trailer of Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya :

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya is scheduled to be released on 10th of March. The film is directed by Shashank Khaitan and also stars Gauahar Khan, Shweta Basu Prasad and Mohit Marwah.

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Sarkar 3 Amitabh Bachhan video Inhi Hathonse marunga

Sarkar 3 Trailer Out: Amitabh Bachchan Returns As Subhash Nagre, ‘Angrier Than Ever’

So finally film director Ram Gopal Verma is in news for right reasons. His film ‘Sarkar 3’ trailer is out. Amitabh Bachhan who was once famously referred to ‘Angry Young Man’ is this time ‘angrier than ever’ and seems to be more dangerous. He returns as Subhash Nagre in Sarkar 3, the third in Ram Gopal Verma’s political crime, action, thrillers. Big B is introduced with these words : “A wounded lion is the most dangerous.” Subhash Nagre’s both sons – Shankar and Vishnu – have died and Shankar himself is bloody but unbowed. He stalks the the dimly-lit, cavernous rooms of his mansion, a portrait of fallen son Shankar – played in the previous films by Mr Bachchan’s own son Abhishek Bachhan – hanging on the wall. “Dard ki keemat chukani padti hain,” he growls.

Also the main cast of the films are revealed. Amit Sadh plays Sarkar’s grandson Shivaji, described as the ‘upstart’; Manoj Bajpayee is the ‘rebel,’ Govind Deshpande; Yami Gautam plays the ‘betrayer,’ name of Anu; and Jackie Shroff is pitted against Sarkar as Vallya. Ronit Roy plays Sarkar’s henchman. Supriya pathak is also in the film.

The trailer of Sarkar 3 ends with Subhash Nagre firm decision of revenge. “Inhi haathon se maaroonga”.

Watch the trailer :

Taglined Sarkar Rises Again, the film follows 2005’s Sarkar and 2008’s Sarkar Raj. Amitabh Bachchan was in the titular role in both. ‘Sarkar 3’ is scheduled to release on 7th of April. Amitabh Bachhan is also working on Thugs Of Hindostan with Aamir Khan.

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Sridevi, Jhanvi, Khushi, Sonam – All The Kapoors At Big Fat Abu Dhabi Wedding

Actress Sridevi, daughters Jhanvi and Khushi, Sonam Kapoor , Arjun Kapoor and the rest of the Kapoor family attended a big fat family wedding in Abu Dhabi, filling social media with stunning pictures. The groom was Kapoor cousin director Akshay Marwah, brother of actor Mohit Marwah and son of Sandeep Marwah, who runs a film studio in Delhi. Akshay’s mother Reena Kapoor is Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor‘s sister. Akshay Marwah married Aashita Rehan on February 27 in a lavish wedding ceremony. Thie picture of Sridevi, husband Boney Kapoor and their daughters Jhanvi, 19, and Khushi, 16, made the Internet very happy while Sonam Kapoor‘s pictures are simply gorgeous and Arjun and sister Anshula Kapoor’s pictures are just adorable.

All family members shared the pics on social media. Let’s take a look.


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The June siblings !!! @sonamkapoor and me at the #akmash mehendi let the madness begin !!!

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Day 1. #akmash

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Mehendi! #bhaikishaadi #akmash @rheakapoor

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My best friends in the whole world! #broseffs #akmash @samyuktanair @shehlaakhan @karishma @rheakapoor

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In MUA @nitinlotlikar Hair @bbhiral

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#mehndi #akmash 🎉🎉

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Sangeet shenanigans with my ❤ #akmash #FamJam #AboutLastNight

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My cutie 💕 #Akmash #BhaiKiShaadi #FamJam @shanayakapoor19

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Welcome to the family Aashita ❤️

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Akshay Kumar, Who Has Never Won Filmfare Best Actor, Says ‘Maybe He Doesn’t Deserve It’

In the wake of the release of his film Jolly LLB 2, actor Akshay Kumar says he hasn’t won a Filmfare Best Actor award in his 25-year career because he ‘maybe doesn’t deserve it.’ The 49 year old actor was not in the Best Actor nomination list of Filmfare Awards this year which created much uproar and dissatisfaction among his fans who took to social media to express their anger. Akshay‘s performances in his 2016 movies Airlift and Rustom were well received. He’s been nominated for a Filmfare Award 11 times since 1995 – four of these were in the Best Actor category. His only two wins, however, were for Best Villain in 2002 for Ajnabee and Best Comedian in 2006 for Garam Masala.

“It’s been years and years I’ve been in the industry. I have never got it but it’s ok. May be I don’t deserve it. No, I don’t deserve it that is why I don’t get it.” – Akshay Kumar


Bollywood Red Akshay Kumar Jolly LLB 2 8

Akshay‘s fans had especially objected to Salman Khan’s nomination for Sultan. The award was eventually won by Aamir Khan for his performance in Dangal.

“Sometimes it’s deliberate that I work in the movies which has social message or based on realism but the most amazing part is that I’m offered such stories. Me and my team hear over two or three scripts every day. It’s not easy. But yes, I like it when I get a social message kind of a film or a realism film, it appeals to me, so I do it.” – Akshay Kumar


Bollywood Red Akshay Kumar Jolly LLB 2 5

“Jolly LLB 2” tells the story of an small-time  lawyer played by Mr Kumar, who takes on a high-profile case in a satirical look at the legal system. The film is releasing after deleting scenes that allegedly poke fun at lawyers which was ordered by Mumbai High Court. Last week, the HC had appointed a three-member committee to review the film following the allegations that it has made the legal and judicial system a laughing stock. After asking the Supreme Court to over-rule that decision, the film’s producer, Fox Studios, changed its mind and said it will accept the edits ordered by the High Court. The scenes were cleared by the Censor Board.

When asked, Akshay Kumar said he respects the court’s decision but that he doesn’t hold with those who use the legal system to try and stall a film days before its scheduled to release.

“There are so many people who file cases just four days before the film gets released when the producer is vulnerable and soft. But court always understands and does justice.” – Akshay Kumar

Jolly LLB 2 also stars Huma Qureshi, who plays Akshay‘s love interest Pusha Pandey. The film is a sequel to Arshad Warsi and Amrita Rao’s film Jolly LLB. Saurabh Shukla reprises his role as Justice Surendra Lal Tripathi. The film releases on February 10.

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