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Shahrukh Khan is a phenomenon. Right now he is happening and happening in style. Ever since the Raees trailer released, the king Khan has taken the social media by storm. The trailer went crazy viral and so did the songs and the dialogues. The dialogues are not just well written, but when they are delivered with unmatchable panache in that trademark voice of SRK, it becomes the stuff of legends.

Raees is going through a phase where people are falling in love with it. It’s the classic Shahrukh Khan back with what he does best – enchantment. And social media is giving all the proof that people are mesmerized – Raees dialogue are reverberating in people’s minds and in social media.

Here is the best of the best of SRK’s dialogues from Raees.

Tu Shama Hai To Yaad Rakhna, Main Bhi Hoo Parwana!

Tu shama hai toh yaad rakhna… Main bhi hoon parwana…

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Ammijaan Kehtithi Koi Dhandha Chhota Nahi Hota Aur Dhahdhe Se Bada Koi Dharm Nahi Hota.

Whatever a person does, big or small, is of some significance. #Dialoguebaazi #TalkLikeRaees

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Agar Katne Ka Dar Hota Na, Patang Nahi Udata, Firki Pakadta.

Don't ever let fear get in the way of what you want! #TalkLikeRaees #DialogueBaazi

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Baniye Ka Dimaag, Miya Bhai Ki Daring.

One of my favourite ones from the film. #DialogueBaazi #TalkLikeRaees

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JO Dhahdhe Ke Liye Sahi, Woh Sahi. Jo Dhandhe Ke Liye Galat, Wo Galat. Isse Zyaada Kabhi Socha Nahi.

Gujarat Ki Hawa Mein Vyapaar Hai Sahib, Meri Saans To Rok Loge, Lekin Is Hawa Ko Kaise Rokoge?

Kuch cheezein hum sab se badi hoti hai, unhe rok nahi sakoge. #Dialoguebaazi #TalkLikeRaees

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Tu Shama Hai to Yaad Rakhna Main Bhi Hoo Parwana, O Zaalima!

Tere pyaar mein parwana khaakh ho jayega…yaad rakhna. O #Zaalima

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Jiski Har Dhadkan Tu Ho, Aise Dil Ko Kya Dhadkana, O Zaalima!

Har Dhak Dhak mein Tera naam hai… O #Zaalima.

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Jo Tere Ishq Mein Behka ho Pehle Se Hi, Kya Use Behkana, O Zaalima!

Arz Kiya Hai… O Zaalima, Kitna Behkaaogi… #ZaalimaTomorrow

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Jo Teri Khatir Tadpe Pehle Se Hi, Kya Use Tadpana, O Zaalima!

Singing aati ho ya nahi, Zaalima ke liye toh gungunana padega. #Zaalima5thJan

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This of course is the beginning. Raees Alam is just getting started. There will be more and we will be back with more.

Raees is releasing on the 25th of January and true to his nature, Raees Alam always finds an antagonist. This time, it’s Hrithik Roshan‘s Kaabil, releasing on the same date. The battle will be epic and fans will be watching, cheering for their favorite stars. Only time will tell who wins.

Stay tuned for more from Bollywood, only on Bollywood Red.

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