Deepika Padukone Photobombed By Her Own Tattoo


There was Deepika Padukone, there was her gym instructor, there was a mirror and there was Ranbir Kapoor in proxy through a tattoo. And guess who got all the attention!!!

Ranbir Kapoor stole all the thunder and focus in a photo of Deepika and he was not even present in person.

It so happened: Deepika‘s Manhattan based gym instructor had recently posted two pictures of the actress sweating out at the gym and captioned it, “We out here flexing”. As flexing she was, she put on clear display a Tattoo reminiscent of old day of her romance with Ranbir Kapoor. The tattoo says “RK”. She got that tattoo in 2008 when the two were dating. When she got the tattoo, it was probably her way of expressing her love and commitment to “RK”, but then fate had other ideas. And fate these days has a sadistic way of teaming up with social media to play jokes. As the pictures posted by her instructor started making the SM rounds, it’s the tattoo that stole all the attention. The pictures went viral, not for Deepika‘s looks or her rigorous gym regimen, but for that tattoo.

Fans (and foes, alike) love to hang on to such memories. The involved celebrities may want to put all behind, but not the fans. So when the tattoos photobombed Deepika and her instructor, the fans latched on to them on social media.

But then, she had enough time to get rid of the tattoo, didn’t she?

Which also raises the interesting question, was the tattoo there all as an unintended consequence or was it put on display very much as a design?

We will never know.

Bollywood Red Deepika Padukone Tattoo 2

Once she had this to say about the tattoo:

I have been like this only. This size zero thing is a big myth because the size is actually meant for babies. How will I fit into a baby’s attire? On a serious note, I work for 17-18 hours everyday and sleep for very few hours so do you really feel I can survive being so thin? If I were not fit I would have been hospitalised. I work out everyday and eat consciously. I am just right!Deepika Padukone



But tattoo aside, just look at her body. That’s some proud accomplishment for the actress and her instructor, worth flaunting and worth getting attention – over an old tattoo.

Ranbir and

href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Deepika

have worked in two films together after calling it quits – Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani (2013) and Tamasha (2015).

Deepika is still basking in the glory of her last successful Padmavat (with her current boyfriend Ranveer Singh)  and we are looking forward to watch her will walk the red carpet at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival on May 10 and May 11.

Ranbir Kapoor in the mean time is making waves with the trailer of his upcoming movie Sanju where he plays Sanjay Dutt and does it with style.


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