Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Launches Fantastic Motion Character Posters, Just Like In Harry Potter


Just like the animated portraits and newspaper photographs in Harry Potter, where the characters jump to life and move about, motion posters are fast becoming the norm in Hollywood. This lively one comes from Disney‘s “Beauty And The Beast” and who better than Emma Stone, still popularly recognized as Hermione Granger, to be in the one in a poster to come to life? Though they are fast becoming popular, making a motion poster, is an entirely different form of art. Animation itself is not attractive. What makes it attractive is what it communicates in the couple of seconds of life that it gets. This one is a perfect example of what works great as a motion character poster.

Take a look at the brilliant poster:

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Beauty And The Beast has brought about some awesome visually stunning posters. Take a look:

And of course, the trailer, a visual delight.

Adventure in the great wide somewhere is calling. See #BeautyAndTheBeast March 17. 🌹

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