Finally Katrina Kaif’s Harper Bazaar look is out

Bollywood Red Katrina Kaif Harper Bazaar

At least after a bunch of teasers and trailers, Katrina Kaif’s Harper Bazaar bridal look is finally out. Remember the white swimwear Katrina Kaif wore in Maldives and posted a photograph on social media?

Then of course Manish Malhotra posted a location video from the stunning Maldives. And then came the photograph that took the social media by storm establishing the close friendship the two of them share:

Then Katrina Kaif took us on a tour the beautiful villa she was staying at in the Maldives and the serene beach right next to it.

She just didn’t let go and kept post stunning pictures one after another.

“Everyone should believe in something . I believe I should go to the beach .” Said Katrina and posted this:

And this is how she bade farewell to Maldives:

Then she posted this little teaser of her bridal look saying” If the closing shot of Runaway Bride would be made again .. this is how I see it happening!”

Bits of wisdom kept flowing with lots of glamour:

When winter was setting in, she found serenity in this underwater shot:

As a one last teaser, Katrina posted this calling it the “Perfect outfit for a beach wedding.”

Harpar Bazaar posted this beautiful shot:

And now finally, after a long wait, we get the cover of Harpar Bazaar with the gergeous Katrina Kaif captured in a stunning pose showcasing a beautiful bridal gown designed by the famous Manish Malhotra.

For her fans, the wait has been worth it.

Stay tuned for more on Bollywood, only on Bollywood Red.

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