Hrithik Roshan On Love, Life, Raees vs Kaabil and Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood Red Raees vs Kaabil Shahrukh Khan vs Hrithik Roshan Box Office Clash Interview

All is looking good for Hrithik Roshan. The actor just celebrated his 43rd birthday with ex-wife Sussanne Khan and family by his side. Both Hrithik and Sussanne also spent their New Year vacation together with their two sons and friends. And his ambitious home project Kaabil is hitting the theaters on 25th of January. He is working hard on promotions and it is going to be a tough wrestle between Kaabil and Shahrukh Khan‘s Raees as both the films are releasing on the same date. In a recent interview he said he has seen Raees‘s promos and he likes them. He also spoke about love, life and Raees and Shahrukh Khan.

On his Greek God looks :

Bollywood Red Hrithik Roshan Kaabil Interview Yami Gautam

I have been to Greece, but no one recognised me. (laughs.)

Everyone’s been lying to me about my Greek god looks. I am hurt. (laughs.)

On his co-star Priyanka Chopra :

Bollywood Red Priyanka Chopra 11

She is a go-getter. I always knew that there were aspects of her we hadn’t seen yet. All that is coming out now.

On going to Hollywood :

I don’t think going to Hollywood is the goal. The goal is to do good Hindi films.

On Kaabil as his most challenging role :

Bollywood Red Hrithik Yami Kaabil3

After a long time, I have got such an opportunity.

After doing films like Krrish, Bang Bang and Mohenjo Daro, this was one film where you cannot lie at all.

You have to be real, be yourself, and that was a challenge.

It was also coming after a long time since I did films like Koi… Mil Gaya or Guzaarish.

Those were films where you had to put in your heart and soul and leave the judgement to the people… not try and impress.

Secondly, playing a blind person is the most challenging role I have played.

I have played a mentally challenged person and a quadriplegic, but I realised that playing a blind man is more difficult because eyes have involuntary muscles — the flinching of the eyes, the dilation of the pupils…

On preparations to play a blind guy :

Bollywood Red Hrithik Yami Kaabil1

During action sequences, when there are lights flashing or a punch coming towards you, the eyes will flinch because of the involuntary muscles.

Sanjay Gupta loves to shoot in 500 frames. Which means that during the shot, we would think that I have not blinked at all, but when we would see the rushes on the monitor, the shot would be good, but my eyes would flinch.

In 500 frames, you can make out any defect and it looked wrong because blind people don’t have visual stimuli.

So I had to control my involuntary eye muscles and that took a lot of practice.

On a conscious effort not to play a typical blind person

Bollywood Red Hrithik Yami Kaabil2


After meeting some of blind people, I realized there is no essence of helplessness in them.

So I came back to the drawing board and we changed the screenplay, the scenes, the way the people interact with them, changed my whole process of making this person just like me.

That he is blind is inconsequential.

The challenge was to win hearts even without building sympathy.

We had to be very careful that the other characters in the film should not treat the blind people as helpless, but as equals.

Films are inspirational, they teach you certain things.

One thing I learnt is that blind people are not bechara.

Even when I met my blind friends in the beginning, I was extra nice to them.

But after 15 minutes of being with them, I was back to normal as they were so cool and did not make me feel that they needed something.

They are always smiling, cracking jokes and enjoying life.

On a blind man’s perception of love:

Bollywood Red Hrithik Roshan Kaabil Interview Yami Gautam45

The first blind person I met came to my house from Amboli (northwest Mumbai). He came alone, without a stick.

He came by train, and then autorickshaw.

He had lunch with me; we spent 4, 5 hours together, chatting.

I was amazed by him. I wondered how he managed all that. It was shocking for me.

He told me he was a big fan of mine. I felt awkward, but I had to ask how he could be a fan if he hadn’t seen me or my films.

And he told me he had seen all my films.

He explained senses… like, whatever comes to our eyes comes to other senses too, like our ears, nose, touch… he said there is an energy field with which you can feel the presence and and all the feelings.

We are unaware of it because since we are born with sight, we have never learnt the other senses.

I learnt that while making of this film.

On not wearing dark glasses in the film :



We did not wear dark glasses in the entire film.

We did the screen test with the glasses, and had them all along, but every time I wore them, it felt unnatural. So I decided not to use it.

I thought I needed to do more with my eyes.

If I wear glasses, it would hide whatever good I can do with my eyes.

On his co-star of Kaabil Yami Gautam :

Bollywood Red Yami gautam

My experience with Yami has been enlightening.

I was a bit concerned (initially) because the film is all about the girl and if the girl did not work, the film would not work.

What she brought to the film is so special and beautiful.

On working with director Sanjay Gupta :

Bollywood-Red-Sanjay Gupt Kaabil

Dad (filmmaker Rakesh Roshan) has told me himself that he could not have made Kaabil the way Sanjay did.

He has given it the (Quentin) Tarintino twist.

On Kaabil‘s edge over Shahrukh Khan‘s Raees :

Bollywood-Red-Sanjay Gupt Kaabil

No. I don’t think either film needs to have an edge over the other.

Both films have to be judged by the audience.

Both films will be loved.

On the clash affecting friendship with Shahrukh :

bollywood red Raees Shahrukh Khan Dialogues Dialogs

Business and friendship should not be mixed.

Raees and Kaabil can clash, but friendship and business cannot clash.

They have to do the best they can do for their film and we have to do our best for our film.

The friendship stays intact.

On Raees trailer :

Yes. It’s good. I like it.

On falling in blind love :

Love is not blind, romance is.

Romance is very dangerous. Romance is an illusion; it will show you things that don’t exist.

Whatever is left after romance is love and that is not blind.

On responding to controversies :

Whatever you are from within — good or bad — will manifest in the world… it will come out in your work and your word.

On being vengeful :

No, I am not.

On being the forgive and forget kind of guy

Not even that. You have no reason to get distracted from your life.

If we’re sitting here in this room, and someone on the beach outside is abusing you, will you leave everything and go there to sort it out? No, na?

On staying positive :

I am not positive at all. I am objective.

I go by evidence and it is all around you in life.

For example, when I had my brain surgery, people would ask why I wasn’t scared.

But I was looking at the evidence, which was saying that out of 1,000 surgeries, my doctor had no failures.


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