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1. Will Smith and Nicholas Cage turned down the role of Neo:

Bollywood Red The Matrix Lesser Known Interesting Facts Will Smith As NeoAnd they were not the only big actors. Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo DiCaprio were also considered before the makers setteled on Keanu Reeves. In an interview to Mtv in 2008, Will Smith said this:

“The script came, and I was like, ‘There is no way I’m playing Superman!’ Because I had already done Jim West [of ‘Wild Wild West’], and you can’t be messing up white people’s heroes in Hollywood!”

Laughing, the king of the 4th of July weekend added, “You mess up white people’s heroes in Hollywood, you’ll never work in this town again!”
2. Russel Croww, Sean Connery and Samuel Jackson could have been Morpheus. It was only after they all declined that Laurence Fishburne took the role.

Bollywood Red The Matrix Lesser Known Interesting Facts Russel Crowe as morpheus3. Hugo Weaving, who played the famous Agent Smith in the Matrix series, modeled his voice after the the Wachowskis themselves.

Bollywood Red The Matrix Lesser Known Interesting Facts Hugo Weaving As Agent Smith4. Keauno Reeves had cervical spine surgery prior to the training period that forced him to wear a nech brace throughout. This made it impossible for Reeves to kick effectively. So the fight choreographer had to design the fight scenes accordingly. In the finished film, Neo hardly kicks at all.

5. To make matters worse, Neo’s rival Agent Smith also had injury problems. Or may be it is that since Smith is the exact opposite of what Neo is, they have similar corresponding events. Huge Weaving had to undergo hip surgery after being injured during fight training. His fight scenes were shot towards the end of the movie when he had healed.

Bollywood Red The Matrix Lesser Known Interesting Facts Neo An Agent Smith6. The numbers 1 and 3 make frequent appearances through out the movie. Neo is an anagram for one and Trinity stands for the digit 3. The two digits can be found in many scenes in backgrounds.
6. Neo and Trnity’s famous lobby shootout scene took 10 days to complete. And here is the kicker – no CGI was used. all of the explosions and gunfire were practical effects.

Bollywood Red The Matrix Lesser Known Interesting Facts Neo And Trinity7. Neo’s jump was inspired by Looney Toons. The Wachowskis said that the scene in which Neo first tries and fails to learn to jump, then bounces harmlessly off the ground, is modeled after Wile E. Coyote.
8. Even though the street names used in the movie are from Chicago, the movie is actually shot in Sydney, Australia.
9. Producer Joel Silver was skeptical about the Wachowskis’ ability to direct since they did not have any previous experience. So the Wachowskis had to prove themselves with another movie first. So the made the 1996 thriller Bound, which was a moderate success.

10. Keanu Reeves stole a signature move from Bruce Lee. In Enter The Dragon, Lee used to kick off his fight scenes by rubbing his nose with a thumb and forefinger. Reeves picked up the gesture for “The Matrix.”

11. The S&M joint is a real place: The The S&M club where Neo meets Trinity for the first time is a real place. The Wachowskis simply asked habitués of the Hellfire Club in Sydney to show up in their costumes for the scene and they did.

Bollywood Red The Matrix Lesser Known Interesting Facts Neo And Trinity In Club12. Keanu Reeves was actually punctured by a needles. In the scene in which Neo is shown with needles sticking out of his body, a prosthetic torso was used. But a professional acupuncturist actually did place needles in Reeves’ head.
13. The cast wore custom-designed shades. Shades played a big part in the movie. All shades were custim designed by Richard Walker and his firm Blinde.
14. Warner Bros. was reluctant to make the film. The Wachowskis were almost completely unknown at the time, but they eventually persuaded the studio to back them after supplying a 600-page, shot-for-shot storyboard — basically a big comic book — drawn by artists Geof Darrow and Steve Skroce.
15. Different tints for different worlds. While in the Matrix everything has a slight green tint, as if the viewer is watching everything through a computer. The scenes in the real world have normal coloring, while the battle between Morpheus and Neo has a yellow tint because it is neither in the real world or the Matrix.


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