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John Abraham‘s Satyamev Jayate is the second big release destined for a major clash at the  box office this independence day. On 15th August, it will lock horns with Akshay Kumar‘s patriotic period movie Gold. Let’s take a look at the trailer of Satyamev Jayate and find out whats in store.

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Movie name: Satyameva Jayate
Starring: John AbrahamManoj BajpayeeAmruta Khanvilkar
Directed by: Milap Zaveri
Written by: Milap Zaveri
Story: DCP Shivansh has been tasked to catch Vir, the man behind police killings in the city. Both are eventually against the same enemy but divided by a fine line, the law.
Date of release: 15th August, 2018



Satyaemev Jayate trailer is full of action, fire, intensity, emotions and one-liners. John Abraham plays a cop, often seen in uniform inside police stations, but he is also a one man vigilante killing the corrupt cops – evident from a dialog that goes “Tum koi serial killer to nahi ho na, wo jo seher me police walo ko maar raha hai?” He is driven by a trauma associated with his father’s death who was also a cop, sworn to protect the law, but who ended up dying in a blaze of fire right in front of his young son. The son remembers, take an oath of his own to keep his father’s oath alive, grows up, dons a cops uniform and kills the corrupt cops.

Satyamev Jayate John Abraham Amruta Khanvilkar Trailer Review 1

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Standing in his way is his nemesis, an honest but fierce cop that has vowed to end the reign of the now infamous vigilante, because, in his own words, “Only the law has the right to take the law into it’s hands”. The nemesis is played by the ever so versatile Manoj Bajpayee.

Of course in the middle of all the drama, is a beautiful girl, John‘s love interest who believes in him and his eyes that “do not look like those of a killer”.

Satyamev Jayate John Abraham Amruta Khanvilkar Trailer Review 8

The trailer gives a pretty good idea of what the film is about. There is solid dose of patriotism, sense of duty, justice, morals, righteousness and conflicts of principles. There is also a solid dose of action, which is what this film is mostly about. John flexes his muscles, looks angry & destructive and ruthless. More than half the trailer is action. In one scene John Abraham tears apart a tire with his muscles, taking things from a realm of believable to the realm of superhuman hero that works so well with the Indian audiences.

Satyamev Jayate John Abraham Amruta Khanvilkar Trailer Revie 5

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The trailer also shows a lot of fire – by design. The trailer begins with John playing with a match box in his hands and the flicking a lit matchstick into a pile of logs presumably with a body within, cremating his enemy. The playing with the match box and flicking of lit matchsticks resulting into an explosion of fire is repeated later in the trailer establishing that it’s a common modus operandi of the protagonist. Later in the trailer one realizes that the character’s obsession with fire as a punishment for the corrupt was born in the fact that he had witnessed his own father burn to death – a fire that still burns in his own mind, a fire that his own vengeance is born out of.

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Also, the trailer does not shy away from showing a lot of blood and gore. There is violence plentiful. John is often seen covered with blood and gore, even in once scene we see blood dripping from his face. In another seen we see him impale a man with a burning stump. In yet another scene, he lashes himself making himself bloody all over.

It also has romance and hot dance numbers. We see a few scenes of Amruta Khanvilkar professing her trust in John Abraham and standing solid by him. And of course we get a few glimpses into the catchy music of Dilbar and the beautiful Nora Fatehi dancing to the tunes. We look forward for the full video soon.

The trailer also has some cool dialog – one liners that are bound to trend and rock.

Satyamev Jayate John Abraham Amruta Khanvilkar Trailer Review 4

John Abraham is perfect as an angry borderline superhero vigilante. He looks tough, driven and intense. Manoj Bajpayee is perfect as the honest, yet ferocious cop bent on making sure that the vigilante is caught. They both may have the same beliefs, but they have very different perspectives. The clash between the two is full of promise.

This is an out and out action and cop movie with a promise of full entertainment. It seems like the perfect balance of everything that makes a successful Hindi Action movie.

If you have not already, watch the trailer  below:

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