Kangana Ranaut On Alleged E-Mails To Hrithik Roshan – ‘I Don’t Write Such Crap, I’m A Certified Writer’

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Actress Kangana Ranaut is very clear that the 1439 e-mails that she allegedly wrote to Hrithik Roshan is definitely not written by her. She called them ‘crap’ in an interview with mid-day. The 29-year-old actress said she felt ‘stigmatized’ by the reports of ‘hideous mails’ that she denies having written and also alleged “I was dragged to court for being who I am.” Throughout last year Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan have fought ugly over an alleged love affair which Kangana claims began on the sets of their 2009 film Kites and Hrithik denies it all. Last year in March, the supposed 1439 e-mails that Kangana is said to have sent to Hrithik in the course of a correspondence that he alleges he wasn’t involved in, started trending on social media for a while. In a previous interview on the leaked emails she had said, “I felt naked, cried for nights.”

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Hrithik went a step further and sent Kangana a legal notice asking her to apologize for referring him as her ‘silly ex’ and also went to the police alleging that an ‘importer’ had been e-mailing Kangana and it is not him. In the interview Kangana says, she was dragged to court for being who she is.

“I was dragged to court for being who I am. I was restricted to a relationship that was (carried out) behind closed doors and I fought it fair and square. People talk rubbish, but they can’t decide how I lead my life.” –Kangana Ranaut

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 “I felt stigmatised. I would wake up to (reports) of hideous mails, which I hadn’t written. I am a certified screenwriter from the New York Film Academy. I don’t write such crap,”

Of Hrithik‘s allegation that it had not been him who Kangana thought she was mailing, the actress says, who was impersonating whom?

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“I never completely understood the story — who was impersonating whom? I was threatened that horrifying secrets about me would be revealed. My parents were concerned for my safety, but I couldn’t bear it quietly. There was a group of jealous hats wandering around him (Hrithik), using him to aim vengeance at me.”

The actress had drawn a lot of attention in a previous interview where she said she wants to have babies, maternal instincts have stated kicking in and it is hard not to share it.”I think I have been fairly independent, but when you are in your late twenties, somewhere your maternal instincts start kicking in and you start to get that feeling very badly: ‘I want to have babies’.” “I never thought I would talk like this, but it gets really hard not to share it. I am hoping to see that day.”

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Another statement by the actress is doing the rounds that she doesn’t get paid equally to her male co-stars. “It’s not easy to maintain the lifestyle of a top actress. The car they expect you to drive, the house you live in. I’m in show business and can’t live like a yogi. These are the expectations from an actress, but they underpay you and how can you afford that lifestyle?” says Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana Ranaut, who recently returned from filming Hansal Mehta’s Simran in the US.

Kangana’s next release is Rangoon co-starring, Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor, is scheduled to release on 24th February.
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