Katrina Kaif on Love, Life, Marriage, Religion and more….


We know Katrina for her looks, her style, her dance, her acting. Let’s take a look inside her mind and her thoughts. Top 12 quotes by Katrina Kaif.

On Relationship

Going by my past journey, I am not certain where life will take me, what turns and twists will happen; nobody knows where they will end up. As life changes direction, I’ll flow with it.

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On Love

Love should be all about giving and trusting.

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On Marriage

You can try to plan your career, but not marriage.

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On Breakup

I have never dissected my personal life. What sense would it make?

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On success of a film

I don’t know if there’s ever been a female-driven film or a male-driven film. I don’t believe in that. I believe a film is a film – a movie can only work if everything about the film works.

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On Religion

I am a religious person and rely heavily on prayers.

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On her personal life

I live my life exactly the way I want to. Nothing stops me from going out or being anywhere that I want to be. I am doing whatever I want to do. I do not live my life according to any restrictions whatsoever!

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On her Roots

I want to clear this once and for all. I was born in Hong Kong. I grew up in Japan and China. London is not home for me. I was there only for three years before I moved to India, but that’s probably why I am connected with it. London is definitely not the place I consider my home. It’s India that I consider home.


On being a sex symbol

It’s not my style to either wear minimum clothes, to strip, or to even be comfortable with a sex-symbol label. I just want to do good work instead of sporting such meaningless tags. Sex sells, but to a small extent, not always. And this is what filmmakers have to accept.

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On Passion

Dance has been a big passion for me.

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On her Strength

I have an impeccable memory, and I can learn dialogues in any language in 20 minutes, including Telugu and Malayalam.

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On the basis of choosing a film

I don’t have any great detail or logic or exact point that I look for in a film. It’s just if I get a good sense from it and I feel that there is something interesting that we may be able to do with it, then I just kind of go for it.

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