Listen to what Salman Khan has to say about Katrina Kaif on #KoffeeWithKaran

Bollywood Red Salman Khan Katrina Kaif

Dharma Movies (read Karan Johar) just posted a teaser of the upcoming much anticipated episode of Salman Khan and his brothers Arbaz and Sohail. Wonder why Salman hijacked a question from Karan Johar only to take Katrina’s name? Watch it for yourself.

Karina Kaif and Salman Khan have famouly remained very good friends even after their break up Katrina recently broke up with Ranbir as well and is right now presmued single. Salman Khan’s status is a bit confusing right now. There were rumors of his involvements with Lulia Vantur. But the Lulia went out of India and there were rumors of Amy Jackson getting close to him. Now that Lulia is back and has opened up about her feelings about Salman Khan, the rumor mill is a bit divided on who is winning the race, if there is a race.

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