Lulia Vatur is spotted everywhere with Salman Khan – since she came back to India


When Lulia Vatur came back to India, she opened up about her feelings for India and Salman Khan. Since then, she has been spotted in every party and other occasions with Salman Khan.

According to a recent report, Salman Khan made a sudden appearance in Ganesh Acharya’s studio to check in on Lulia rehearsing for her upcoming single’s music video.

Lulia had been rehearsing all day while Salman dropped by at 4 pm. He saw her perform, suggested changes, and spoke with Ganesh, before leaving with Lulia at 5:30 pm – A source close to the sets.

It was Dianne Pandey’s birthday on 10th December. Salman was spotted arriving for the party with Lulia in his car and he looked annoyed at the paparazi who tried to get a snap of them together. Salman seemed to be very protective of her. First he got out of the vehicle and made sure that no paparazi is in close proximity and then Lualia came out of the car and quickly entered the venue.


Watch the video :

Then on December 15th, on Salman’s nephew and Sohail Khan’s son Nirvaan’s birthday party Salman and Lulia were spotted together though they arrived separately.


Lulia arriving for the party


Salman arriving for the party


Sohail Khan arriving for the party with birthday boy Nirvaan


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