Our Business Is Our Business, None Of Your Busiess.


Race 3 is in the air and it’s only getting more and more intense. The trailer is already a hit on the net, having already accumulated 29 million views on Youtube and countless more on other platforms.

There is one element in the trailer however that has gone viral and had turned into a popular meme. It’s not Salman Khan‘s action or Jacqueline Fernandez‘s sensual moves, but it’s a line delivered by Daisy Shah. And the line goes:

Our business is our business. None of your business.- Daisy Shah

Now, not everything goes viral for the right reasons. This one has become a meme just for the sheer lol-worthiness of the dialog. The dialog is hilariously average and witless. And Daisy Shah‘s attempt to deliver it with gravity and seriousness has turned it even more hilarious. Social Media junkies latched on to it like flies to ripe fruit. Hundreds of different versions of the meme came out in no time.


Daisy‘s reaction to the meme or at being ridiculed through the meme was not chill. She was angry and did not hesitate to expressed it. She lashed out on Insta story. But then subsequently calmed down and made peace with it. She even learned to laugh at the meme and herself.

This does remind one of a young Alia Bhatt at the receiving end of social media ridicule and how coolly she handled it and turned it around.

Also to get aboard the meme train also were Daisy‘s costars Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez. When some reporters asked Salman where he was going, Salman replied ““Beta, Our business is our business, none of your business” leaving social media in splits.

Jacqueline Ferandez was not far behind. She also took a dig and posted the following on her Instagram.

Even Mumbai police had a dig at the meme at Daisy‘s expense. They made the following tweet advising people to be careful with their personal data.

Varun Dhawan and director of Race 3 Remo Dsouza also jumped aboard the meme train.

#noneofyourbusiness @varundvn #race3

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If you have not already, here, take a look at the Race 3 trailer below and watch out particularly for Daisy Shah with her iconic dialog.

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