Priyanka Chopra Supports Anti Donald Trump Women’s March – Takes A Stand

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Priyanka Chopra, TV series Quantico’s lead actress and two times Peoples Choice Award winner, is emerging as a strong critic of newly sworn in controversial American President Donald Trump. Among a series of statements clearly placing herself among those celebrities who have taken a vocal anti-Trump stance, the latest is a tweet expressing direct support for the women’s march against Trump and expressing regrets for not being able to join the protest herself. Donald Trump,  who won the US presidential elections against all expectations and predictions, and was recently sworn into the White House,  saw a massive march of protest mainly by women, supported by men, of astounding unforeseen proportions in America and other parts of the world. Priyanka referred to this protest march, popularly known as women’s march in her tweet. She wrote “So proud of all my sisters and the men that are at the I’m so upset I couldn’t go. “.

This however,  was not the first time Priyanka took a stance against Trump or with his critics. There were a few instances in the past where she has made her stance clear.

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One such instance was when she stood by and appreciated Meryl Streep after Meryl used the Golden Globes stage to openly and strongly criticize Donald Trump in her acceptance speech. Priyanka of course made her Golden Globes debut as an award presenter.

Priyanka retweeted Meryl’s speech.

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Priyanka also posted a selfie with Meryl expressing her love and admiration.

Meryl is a well known and long time critic of Donald Trump and supporter of Hillary Clinton. To come out in her support against Trump is a bold step towards the anti-Trump camp.

But that’s not all. Priyanka also expressed her love,  admiration and support towards the outgoing Democrats President Barrack Obama. When Obama was delivering his farewell speech, Priyanka took a photo of the TV on Istagram. In text she wrote “What an incredible legacy.. #FarewellAddress #Obamas.”

What an incredible legacy.. #FarewellAddress #Obamas

A photo posted by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on

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