Raees vs Kaabil – Shahrukh announces release date. Rakesh Roshan offended.

Bollywood Red Raees vs Kaabil Shahrukh Khan vs Hrithik Roshan Box Office Clash

Is it the beginning of a battle or is it just an innocent coincidence? Raees and Kaabil, the two big releases are set to hit the screens at the same time. While SRK claims that it’s just a coincidence, Rakesh Roshan is clearly upset.

When the release date of Raees was finally announced along with the release of the trailer, it was curious for some and a shock for some others. Raees and Kaabil were both supposed to be released on 26th January to lock horns in the box-office. Then Rakesh Roshan blinked and shifted the release date to a day before – 25th January, only to find himself back in the stand off again.

Finally! @iamsrk talks at length about the #Kaabil vs #Raees clash at the #RaeesTrailer launch.

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Raees has been hopping dates for some time now. It was originally scheduled to be released on July 6th, against Salman Khan’s Sultan. The box-office fight of two Khan, not so friendly in those days, would have interesting. But SRK’s Red Chillies ducked out of it. Then a possible Diwali date was also reportedly passed off since Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was releasing on the same date featuring a cameo by Shahrukh Khan. Then of course the date came to 26th January, threatening to derail Rakesh Roshan’s Kaabil.

We had discussed this a long time ago with our exhibitors and distributors. We will be opening in the regular shows and Kaabil will open in the evening shows. This is a logical decision because the 26th is a holiday. We had decided that we would reveal the release date only at the launch of the trailer.


– Shahrukh Khan

Rakesh Roshan however does not seem satisfied.

I didn’t know about their date. My distributors said we should come out on January 25 from the evening shows. I didn’t know the Raees team also planned to change their date.


– Rakesh Roshan

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While Shahrukh Khan claims that the date change is a purely marketing decision, Rakesh Roshan is not so convinced.

Whatever dates we are taking, they are following us. I would have never done the same. I belong to an old school of filmmaking and I have given 50 years of my life to the industry. I would never release my film on a day when another filmmaker has already announced their film. I decided to remove Krrish 4 also from Christmas 2018 because I saw SRK’s film is coming that day. I could have easily released my film with Befikre or even with Dangal if I had to clash. But when I announced the film in February, I saw a clean window in January and hence I picked the date.


– Rakesh Roshan

Kaabil had been originally set for 26th January, which is a Thursday to 25th, which is a Wednesday. Rakesh Roshan explained the logic of this mid-week release.

There have been instances in the past of movies being released mid-week especially if there is a big national holiday following it. My director Sanjay Gupta and I are in agreement on this. After hearing what our distributors have to say, we thought it makes perfect sense go with a January 25 release. -Rakesh Roshan

Both producers are industry stalwarts, are known to be on friendly terms and this situation can become murky fast.

It’s not the ideal situation but it’s happening now and all we can do is communicate with each other and do the best we can.


– Hrithik Roshan, in a statement when both movies were scheduled to be released on 26th January.

Kaabil is set for a 6PM evening release on 25th.


Release dates play a significant art in the success of a film from a marketing point of view. In recent times, release dates have become all the more instrumental and often producers find themselves at wars with other producers over a release date. Public holidays are the most sought after time for a movie’s release. Diwali, Eid, Dussera and as in this instance, 26th January are lucrative opportunities for movies to maximize their viewership across theaters.

Hrithik Roshan’s last movie “Mahenjo Daro” was not as big as success as it was expected to be, while Shahrukh Khan’s recent release “Dear Zindagi” is still milking the box office.

The battle for this one is set an if no one backs off, it remains to be seen who is the last one standing.

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