Raees VS Kaabil – Shahrukh VS Hrithik, The Plot Thickens With Another Move From Kaabil’s Makers

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The fans of Raees and Kaabil and the fans of Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan, please tighten your seat belts. It is going to be a real clash at the box office. As we all know the last move was from the makers of Raees. Now the Kaabil team has played their move. It has just been revealed that Hrithik’s film Kaabil will open on the morning and not the evening of January 25 as it was previously meant to. This is a deliberate move from the makers to release the movie early by some hours to go up against Shahrukh Khan‘s Raees. Earlier also when Raees team decided to release the film on 26th, Kaabil team preponed it by a day and decided to release it on 25th of January. But the Raees team again deliberately  preponed the release to 25th citing the reason of 26th January being the republic day and a holiday.

The tweet has come from the trade analyst Taran Adarsh :

Raees was supposed to be released sometime close to the release of Salman Khan‘s Sultan in 2016. But the makers wanted to avoid the collision and the producers of Raees settled for a release on January 26th, 2017. The date had already been up for a clash with two films. One was Ajay Devgan’s Baadshaho and Hrithik Roshan‘s Kaabil. Devgan rescheduled, but Roshans didn’t. So it initiated a discussion and negotiation of dates between the makers of Raees and Kaabil. But eventually discussions failed and in December, Roshans decided to prepone the movie by a day and release it on 25th January at 6 pm.

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But in an interesting move, just a few days later, during the release of first trailer of Raees, Shahrukh, with producer Ritesh Siddhwani, announced in the press conference that Raees would also be preponed it’s release date to 25th January and would open in the morning, just hours before the release of Kaabil.

We had discussed this a long time ago with our exhibitors and distributors. We will be opening in the regular shows and Kaabil will open in the evening shows. This is a logical decision because the 26th is a holiday. We had decided that we would reveal the release date only at the launch of the trailer.


Shahrukh Khan

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Hrithik who badly needs a hit after films like Bang Bang and Mahenjodaro, has tried to maintain a diplomatic stand. In a recent interview on being asked if Kaabil has any edge over Raees, his said, “No. I don’t think either film needs to have an edge over the other. Both films have to be judged by the audience.”

(Read the full interview of Hrithik Roshan here.)

But his father Rakesh Roshan was offended by the move.

Whatever dates we are taking, they are following us. I would have never done the same. I belong to an old school of filmmaking and I have given 50 years of my life to the industry. I would never release my film on a day when another filmmaker has already announced their film. I decided to remove Krrish 4 also from Christmas 2018 because I saw SRK’s film is coming that day. I could have easily released my film with Befikre or even with Dangal if I had to clash. But when I announced the film in February, I saw a clean window in January and hence I picked the date.


Rakesh Roshan


(Read the full story of Raees vs Kaabil here.)

With this move by Roshans, the Raees vs Kaabil war steps up and one waits to see what will be SRK‘s next move. Co-starring Yami Gautam and directed by Sanjay Gupta kaabil is about a blind guy’s revenge. Directed by Rahul Dholakia, Shahrukh Khan‘s Raees co-starring Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, is a story of liquor baron Raees Alam. Both the films come from the same genre – action thriller. Now time will say who wins this race.

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