Ranbir Kapoor admits feeling lonely and sad after break-up with Katrina

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The Ranbir- Katrina break up was one of the most high-profile and most discussed events in Bollywood in recent times. One however rarely got a peek into real aftermath of the break up.

Ranbir Kapoor came out quite openly about it on #KoffeWithKaran. He admitted being sad and lonely and he admitted disliking his now new status of single. It has been close to a year now and no one else had managed to come close to Ranbir in the mean time – a fact Karan Johar pointed out saying that Ranbir has been celibate all this while.

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh on Koffee With Karan

Ranbir however made it clear that he has gotten over Deepika Padukone, his very vocal ex from before Katrina. He said in no unclear terms that he has moved on and others also need to move on.

In the mean time, Katrina Kaif is showing no signs of any sadness. She is currently having a grand time shooting for bazaarbridein in the Maldives. She has been posting stunning pictures of her fun days with Manish Malhotra.


Katrina Kaif and Manish Malhotra

Ranbir also made a very interesting revelation that he has been phone-checked before, leaving everyone to wonder whether it was by Katrina or Deepika.

The episode itself was quite interesting. The two exes of Deepika Padukone, known to deeply appreciate each other as friends and as competitors, showed no signs of any unease over “Deepika”. Karan refered to the subject as the possible “elephant” in the room, but both actors waved it away.


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