Salman Khan and brothers rock Koffee With Karan 100th Episode

Bollywood Red Salman Khan

For Karan Johar, the century finally came and came in style – much like a Virender Sehwag century. Karan Johar has been promoting this century episode on social media.

Salman Khan, with his brothers delivered only what Salman Khan can deliver. The moment he walked in and was hugged by Karan in greetings, Salman Khan took charge and remained in charge till the departing hug. What happened in-between was just pure entertainment with interesting glimpses into the realities of the lives they live.

Bollywood Red Salman Khan

Salman Khan had appeared with his father Salim Khan on Koffee With Karan in the last season. That was his debut on the show where he famously claimed that he was a “virgin”. In this appearance, he claimed that nothing has changed since last time.

When Karan asked in indirect terms if Salman has been dating Lulia Vantur, Salman dodged the question.

What he was not dodging of course was Katrina Kaif. Salman and Katrina broke up long ago, but have famously remained good friends. Salman jumped into questions not directed at him to take Katrina’s name and when the occasion came, he was only too happy to jump to his feet and show Katrina’s dance moves.

Bollywood Red Salman Khan

The topic of his recently renewed friendship with Shahrukh Khan was a must in this show. Salman Khan was seen mimicking Shahrukh Khan on Big Boss. He also released the first look of Shahrukh’s upcoming Imtiaz Ali film.┬áThen the two Khans danced and entertained the entire industry in Star Screen Awards.

When the question was asked, Salman was all praises for Shahrukh Khan downplaying the rift saying that the media magnified what was a very small matter.

A bit of Sholay happened and when Kalia’s name came up, Karan drew a blank asking “Who is Kalia” which prompted Salman to mimic “Tera Kya Hoga Kalia” in Gabbar Singh’s voice.

The highlight of the episode however was the glimpse into the chemistry and the bond the brothers share. There was more to be seen and felt than was stated in words. They discussed crazy incidents to emotional tales of the whole family. Salman also dished out some wisdom, a rare thing on the show, on risks of stardom.

But if one has to describe the episode in two words – entertaining and crazy are the two we will go with.

Koffee With Karan started in 1994 and became the highest viewed English tv show in India. It still is the best movie chat show in the country and everyone eagerly waits for the new seasons to come back. 100 episodes in a great milestone. But here is wishing a few hundreds more in times to come.

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