Did Salman Khan call Lulia Vantur back to India?


Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur’s romantic involvement has always remained rumors as neither star never really stepped forward to admit it. But then, the rumors have kept coming back again and again as the two were spotted together repeatedly. Like everything about Salman Khan, even this “friendship” was not far from a roller coaster ride. Lulia Vantur, the dazzling beauty from Romania, went away from India leading to rumors that the relationship was over. But was it?


Recently, Iulia addressed the media at a promotional event for her music album with Himesh Reshammiya and she opened up just a little bit about it.

She said “He is a very good friend! What more can I say? He is a very good friend for everyone who meets him. He has such a good heart and he is welcoming to everyone. So you know what I think about him.” Do we?

As I said, we are very good friends. More than that what can I say? There is a lot of respect for him. It is because of him I met India! And I love India. I always wanted to come here since I was a kid because I used to read so many stories about India and was very fascinated. So at the right time, I reached here. And the first feeling I had when I stepped on this land was like home. The energy, the vibe of this place was so good and so welcoming. And honestly, when I left from India, I cried. I cried because I didn’t want to leave this land. But life brought me here back. So I am happy for that. There were rumours that I didn’t like India or its culture but I am telling you that’s it’s not correct. I love this place, I love the people and I am grateful to all the people I have met here.

One has to stop and wonder what sent her away, what made her cry and what again made her come back. One has to stop and wonder if there will be more to the tale? As Shahrukh Khan, Salman’s latest best friend, so aptly once said, “Picture abhi baki hai”.

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