Salman Khan posts sexy inspiration on body and health on Anti-obesity day

Salman Khan

Who better than one of the fittest man in Bollywood to send a crisp message on the #AntiObesityDay? And how better than a demo of the fitness that can inspire millions in India? Salman Khan, known for his body and his muscles among many other qualities that make him the most successful filmstar in India, flaunts his super-fit body to the world, to the delight of the ladies, envy of the gents and inspiration for both. He sends an unequivocal message of health and fitness in a way India will notice best.

According to a University of Washington study published in The Lancet last year, India, with its 41 million obese people, ranked third among countries with the highest number of overweight people. Awareness is of paramount importance as most people brush it off as a light cosmetic inconvenience or as just a matter of looks. In reality, obesity is a major health concern and is typically not dealt with till it presents it’s fatal side.

So, here is wishing everyone a very healthy and fit life.

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