Sonam Kapoor’s Wedding – Everything You Need To Know


Come 8th of May and Sonam Kapoor’s relationship status will change to something a little more permanent – “married”. For some it’s heartbreaking, for some it’s a matter of great joy and for Bollywood, it’s a time for celebrations. Here is everything you need to know about Sonam Kapoor’s wedding.

The Groom

The name is Anand Ahuja. Apart from being Sonam’s long time boyfriend, by profession he is a lifestyle entrepreneur., he is and by reputation he is, in the words of Sonam’s brother, “a great guy”. He was born on 7 July in New Delhi. He did his MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He did his internship as a product manager at in Seattle, USA. He loves Basketball and Sonam Kapoor.

Bollywood Red Sonam Kapoor with her boyfriend husband

Sonam Kapoor with Anand Ahuja

Sonam and Anand have been a couple since 2014 and have been travelling all around the globe together. Recently Anand even started attending family functions with Sonam’s family, like a family member.

The couple have had cute exchanges and banters on social media. They even spoke about making the world a happier and better place. On Instagram, they had their own hashtag #everydayphenomenal.

Bollywood Red Sonam Kapoor Wedding 5

Social Media

After the wedding had been announced by the families, Anand shared a quote by Roald Dahl on Instagram, which read “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”. “One idea that has always amazed me is, ‘if we can all make one, just ONE person happy, the whole world would be happy.’ How true and simple is that. The answer to world peace is simply loving those around you,” Anand captioned the picture. In return, he got a heart and a kiss from Sonam.

Bollywood Red Sonam Kapoor Wedding 6

The Wedding Preparations

Early signs of the wedding preparations could be seen from the Kapoor residence all decorated with lights and everything.

According to reports, the sangeet will take place at a five-star hotel in Mumbai. The mehendi ceremony is to take place at the banquet hall of the building in Bandra-Kurla Complex in which Sonam owns a sprawling 7,000-square-feet apartment. The wedding itself will take place at the heritage mansion of Sonam’s aunt Kavita Singh, in Bandra.

Bollywood Red Sonam Kapoor Residence

The Invitations

The invitation cards for the Mehndi, the Sangeet and the wedding came out on social media and immediately caused a social media frenzy.

Bollywood Red Sonam Kapoors wedding invite

The guestliess is still a matter of guesswork, though we might expect to see the whosewho of the celebrity-dom of India and some from the world of business.

The Cousins

What is a wedding without the counsins chipping in to tease the bride? And when half the family is celebrities, some of it is bound to make it to the SM.

Sister Rhea captured cousin Arjun Kapoor trying to get on to Sonam’s nerves. Sonam, the old player played it cool and just ignored him.

As more information keeps pouring in, we will keep you updated on the last days of Sonam Kapoor’s celebrated bachelorhood.

Stay tuned.

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