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Movie Name: Soorma
Starring: Diljit DosanjhTaapsee PannuAngad Bedi
Directed by: Shaad Ali
Written by: Shaad Ali, Siva Ananth
Released on: 13 July, 2018


This is an inspiring true story of the triumph of the human spirit, about a player who faced a near death experience when he was at his peak but emerged victorious by his sheer determination, hard work and unrelenting passion for the sport. Sandeep Singh, a penalty corner specialist in the Indian Hockey team from Shahbad, Haryana made headlines when he was hit in the spine by an accidental gunshot while travelling on a train to join the national team that was to fly to Germany for the World Cup in 2006. The injury left him paralyzed, with the medical community giving him a slim chance of ever walking again. However, not only did Sandeep recover from it but he also made a comeback and re-established himself as the best drag-flicker, going on to captain the Indian national hockey team in January 2009.



Review by  Saibal Chatterjee on NDTV : Diljit Dosanjh Makes The Best Of A Bad Deal

Rating: 2/5

Diljit Dosanjh’s film is more drag than flick, a hockey film sans genuine impetus.

The film opens with a woman’s voice on the soundtrack. It belongs to the character played by Taapsee Pannu. She introduces herself as field hockey player Harpreet Kaur but hastens to add that this isn’t her story. It is Sandeep Singh’s. It’s the greatest comeback story in the history of the game. Doubtless, the real-life saga that inspired Shaad Ali’s Soorma bordered on the miraculous. The film fails way short of harnessing its full dramatic potential. Meant to be a celebration of a sportsman’s resilience, this is a mechanical, hackneyed, dour re-enactment of a remarkable life. The Sandeep Singh story deserved far better.

Dosanjh cannot be faulted. He makes the best of a bad deal. Pannu, an actress who always gives the impression that she is sailing through with ease, does her bit to give Soorma its rare convincing moments.

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Soorma Diljit Dosanjh Tapsee Pannu Movie review 4

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Review by Lakshana N Palat on India today: Diljit Dosanjh’s film is more a drag than a flick

oorma is meant to be about the inspirational tale of ace hockey player Sandeep Singh, who was accidentally shot in the back during a train journey in 2006. Singh was almost paralysed for a year. Yet, with sheer determination and will, he fought with fate and worked hard to walk again. It didn’t stop there: he led India to victory in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in 2009 after defeating Malaysia in the finals at Ipoh. He was also the top goal-scorer of the tournament.

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Twitter review by Taran Adarsh

Review by Divya Pal on News 18 : Diljit Dosanjh Makes Sandeep Singh’s Biopic Watchable

Rating: 2/5

There are multiple motivational stories we all are familiar with, but there are some which despite being little-known can touch the deepest part of our soul. The story of hockey player Sandeep Singh – which might be new to many – will encourage you to keep going when faced with never-ending formidable obstacles. It is an incredible story of an equally incredible individual who came into hard times, but was firm about making a different set of choices in his life. It is a story about a hockey legend who rather than losing hope and giving up, decided to pick himself up, brush himself off, and continue moving with the hope to achieve his goals. However, it is sad that the cinematic treatment of Singh’s story – which is both captivating and impactful – comes across as a classic example of how much Bollywood loves its cliché ridden films.

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Review by Rohit Vats on Hindustan Times: Diljit Dosanjh’s film misses the target

Rating: 2/5

A young hockey player is working on his drag-flicks in a dark corner of a practice turf when a suit-clad official asks him to leave. The player explains how important the practice is to him and the official is duly impressed. On official’s orders, the turf is lit up. The aspiring youngster also gets a bag of new hockey balls. The intrigued player wonders what the hockey federation will have to say about it. The suit replies, “I am the federation.”

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Soorma Diljit Dosanjh Tapsee Pannu Movie review 5

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Review by Arnab Banerjee on Deccan Chronicle: Dosanjh packs an unexpected kick

Rating: 2/5

Bollywood’s love affair with sports films isn’t something new. But of late we have had a spate of mainstream sagas with sportstars taking centrestage. These stories, about underdogs, their triumphs and struggles, are essentially entertaining and rousing stories.  But, sadly, not all tales are interestingly narrated.  Many of these stories that could be rousing and touching are ultimately undone by their bare-bones story arc and the desperation to show the main character as a flawless God-like being. Worse, some Hindi films make it worse by adding gratuitous romance and sentimentality that end up feeling more like a middling after-school special than an insightful look at sports and the dynamics within. In this week’s solo Hindi film release, Soorma, executive producer and director Shaad Ali could have had a winner on his hands despite not having much grist, since he knows precisely what to highlight. It’s the miraculous recovery and comeback of ace hockey player Sandeep Singh, nicknamed “Flicker Singh” for his drag flicks in penalty corners, that were instrumental in deciding the fate of many of the matches he played that make a riveting account. But giving in to too many unnecessary demands of commercial cinema, Ali lets the story float on the surface of familiar turf, rather than digging deeper to reveal what propels him.

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Twitter review by Rohit Jaiswal

Review by Shubhra Gupta on Indian Express: Diljit Dosanjh as Sandeep Singh is spot on

Diljit Dosanjh as Sandeep Singh is spot on. And that is the film’s biggest triumph. Whenever Dosanjh is on screen, we are with him.

It’s raining biopics in Bollywood. This week we have Soorma, based on the inspiring story of a grievously injured hockey player who made a comeback against all odds, and won.

It’s just the kind of real-life story which can lend itself to a goose-bump inducing film, because that’s what great sportspersons are trained to do: straining every sinew, ignoring pain and exhaustion, in order to get past the goal-post. Or, in the instance of Sandeep Singh aka Flicker Singh, who gained fame as the fastest ‘drag flick’ player ever, to score the goals.

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Celebrity reactions to Soorma

Let’s start with the female lead of the movie, the beautiful Taapasee Pannu:

John Abraham, whose Satyamev Jayate is releasing on 3rd August, says Soorma is an indredible real life tale of a hockey legend!.

Karan Johar says it’s uplifting and emotional in equal measure!

The lovely Dia Mirza calls it an earnest film and inspiring story.

Neha Dhupia, wife of one of the leading stars of the movie, Angad Bedi, says to her husband “I am so so so proud of you my love @Imangadbedi .. the way you gave life to the reel life”.

Mika Singh wished best of luck to the cast of the movie:

Vivek Oberoi wished best of luck to the “talented team” of Soorma.

The lovely Diana Penty says that she is looking forward to it.

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar jumps in since it’s sports movie. He says that he enjoyed watching Soorma a lot.

From the Cricket world, Zaheer Khan says that comebacks are never easy.

Again from the cricketing world Gautam Gambhir says “time to go “Full Back” and may be in a “Corner” too in a cinema hall”

The amazing Divya Dutta, whose Fanney Khan trailer is making waves currently, says that Soorma is a must watch.

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  • Awesome Inspirational Movie. Diljit & Tapasee did the fabulous job in the movie. It’s really one of the best movie of 2018. I love to watch this kind of movie.

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