The story behind Koffee with Karan – in Karan Johar’s words


In a day, Koffee with Karan is celebrating it’s 100th Episode with special guests, the Khan brothers – Salman Khan, Arbaz Khan and Sohail Khan. On this special occassion Karan Johar opens up about the days before the show started and what was going on in his mind.

“It’s actually my century and I have to say that I am a bit overwhelmed and a tad emotional. I am also exceptionally happy that something that started off as a hobby became such a big part of my personality.”

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He says that he was strongly advised against starting a chat show for it would undermine his mystique as a film maker:

“I was told in the initial days, ‘Don’t do a talk show, it will take away the mystique as a filmmaker. Don’t do a talk show, it will kind of open you up. It will make you sound frivolous. You are a filmmaker, you shouldn’t sound frivolous.’ And maybe I do sound a bit frivolous.”


“Maybe, I sometimes come across as a filmmaker who is perhaps not so serious about what he does. But you know what, I am actually playing myself and I am proud to be myself. And I hope people eventually envelop who I am.”


But he listened to his own voice and in 2004 Koffee with Karan emerged as the first ever English television show to gain such wide acceptance, love, viewership and success in India. Koffee with Karan has only grown in it’s popularity since then. It’s all about fun, giggles, wisecracks, puns, potshots and of course loads of controversies and Karan has mastered this art of extracting statements from stars that could not have come in simpler ways.

“I have enjoyed these last 12 years like nothing else. It’s such a large part of who I am and who I stand for. And to all the critiques, cynics and cryptics, I have to tell them all, I love you too just the way I love what I do. I am ready to hit the century!”

The show not only witnesses the love Karan Johar gets from the general public in India, it also shows the tremendous love and respect the film stars have for Karan.

While fans wait impatiently for his century episode, here is wishing best of luck to Karan Johar and his show Kofee with Karan.

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