Sunny Leone to BBC – Objectification of Women is no big deal


Five years ago Sunny Leone entered India and for five years she has remained the most searched personality of the country. The sheer power of this status became apparent when recently BBC included her in the list of 100 most influential women of the world. In the context, BBC interviewed Sunny Leone and she opened up a in some ways about her experience and her feelings.


Sunny says that before her Bollywood career, experience with Indians in general was not nice. She was judged and insulted in many ways by those who did not agree with her life and career choices. On that basis, when she was offered Big Boss, she immediately declined. She feared that her experience in India would not be good. However as she got more calls and she learned about the reach of the show, she decided to take the plunge.

When asked why she decided to stay despite her reservations about India, Sunny said:
“It’s the weirdest feeling when you have all these judgements about something and then you get there and it’s the complete opposite.”


Sunny Leone with Arbaz Khan

She said that while there were some who criticized her, there were many more that liked her, respected her and liked to watch her on television.

“I was never questioned about who I was, my sexuality, my integrity as a woamn, sexism on set – anything in the adult entertainment industry. Not once. Where may be here people have to compromise. I haven’t. But I know that there are people who have to compromise.”

When asked “Do you think you are judged for your past”, Sunny said without hesitation, “Absolutely!!”

When asked if the Indian film industry objectifies women more than they do men, she came back with “I objectify men all the time.”

“I don’t see the word objectification as a bad word. We all objectify things, products, people to sell the product that we wish to sell. For me, sometimes it’s selling the brand “Sunny Leone”.

Sunny came out tough aganst those who think she is corrupoting Indian culture. She finds it funny that a single individual could be corrupting the culture of such a large country. For such people, she says don’t search for me on Google, don’t watch my videos.

Click here to watch this amazing interview on BBC.

Sunny Leone recently received great words of appreciation from none other than Shahrukh Khan with whom she shares screen space in the upcoming release “Raees”. The trailer of the film went viral a yesterday in a social media frenzy.

She also has a film “Tera Intezaar” with Arbaz Khan lined up for release in 2017.

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