Sunny Leone is on BBC’s List of 100 Most Influential Women

Sunny Leone

Indians have finally done it. After keeping Sunny Leone at the top of the charts for the most Googled people for years, now we have managed to put her in the world’s most influential women’s list, published by BBC. She shares the list with other Indians like Gouri Chindarkar (Sangli), Mallika Srinivasan (Chennai), Neha Singh (Mumbai) and Saalumarada Thimmakka (Karnataka). This is the fourth year that BBC has come up with the list of influential women, which ranks stars women from all walks of life – entrepreneurs, engineers, sportswomen, business women, fashion icons and artistes.

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Sunny Leone, whose real name is Karenjit Kaur Vohra, is Canadian of Indian origin, but she has spent the last half-a-decade working in India.

Sunny Leone is truly influential as she still remains the most searched person in India beating everyone else by miles.

She has gone through difficulties to reach there though. When she came to India, she had to face widespread criticism and disapproval from Indians from all walks of life. Politicians also took potshots at her. But the unprecedented love the common Indians showed her through the simple search box on the browsers on their computers and smart phones simply overpowered whatever hate was brewing for her.



The occasional controversy still remains, but she does not mind it. Recently she came out quite openly about her thinking in a documentary yet to be released.

It is still said that her popularity is skin deep and that her fans never take much interest in what she could be like in ways other than her sensuality. It’s tough to know dive into the depths of her fans minds, but the love for her is simply undying. The last time someone enjoyed such unanimous fandom from all India alike was Sachin Tendulkar in his prime.

One has to now sit and wonder what new heights her popularity will elevate her to! What other crowns she is going to wear, which other thrones she will grace?

Currently Sunny Leone is shooting with Arbaz Khan for her next movie #TeraIntezaar. It will be yet another hit, yet another conquest for her collection.

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