Taylor Swift And Zayn’s Music Video “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” Is Hot And Heart Breaking – Fifty Shades Darker

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The long awaited video is finally here and Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik. The video depicts the pain of love and separation. It shows to pop stars, living it large and yet torn up from break up. The video takes us deeper into the darker shades of love, pain and heartache. Taylor Swift looks particularly hot with crimson on her lips, black on her body and a broken heart too tough for her to mend. It’s about loneliness, emptiness and the ache of longing. It’s about hopeless despondency. The video starts off showing abundance of wealth and fame and goes on to show emptiness of soul and bleeding hearts.

The video begins with Zayn Malik, walking through the rains, looking sad, chased by paparazzi taking his frustrations out in a frenzy in a hotel room. Parallelly, we see Taylor Swift in a similar condition, in another hotel room, fighting her own demons, swallowing her own pains.

“I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”, part of the  Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, is currently at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, two spots down since 31 December.

The song was written particularly for the feature film by Swift, Jack Antonoff & Sam Dew and produced by Antonoff.The much-anticipated Fifty Shades Darker sequel is scheduled to hits theaters Feb. 10. The soundtrack will arrive the same day through Republic Records.

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Watch the Video :

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