Tremors In Political Cirlces After Superstar Rajinikanth Speaks About ‘Power’

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Rajinikanth took many a world by storm with a simple statement about “liking power”. Till of course he clarified that he was speaking in spiritual context. Tamil Nadu has seen some serious ups and downs in politics in recent times, especially with Jayalalitha’s recent demise. There have been speculations about Rajinikanth’s entry into politics in the past. The speculations took a new life after Jayalalitha passed away. Many believed that the megastar was unhappy with the state of events in Tamil Nadu and would launch his own political party.

His fans even urged him to interfere with the power games and step into politics. Many wanted to keep Sasikala from becoming the chief minister. The statement came at a sensitive time, was misinterpreted and created a storm of sorts.

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There is no denying that if Rajinikanth ever intends to enter into politics, he will change the complete landscape within days. Once in 1996, he made a statement saying “even god can’t save Tamil Nadu if Jayalalithaa was voted to power”. Jayalalitha had lost that election. A decade later, however, he came around and praised Jayalalitha as “the reincarnation of (goddess) ashtalakshmi”.

However, the actor has successfully stayed away from politics so far. in 2014, when Narendra Modi went to meet him, he still remained neutral.

Rajinikanth clarified that when he spoke of liking power, he meant it in a spiritual sense.

“If money and fame are kept on one side and if I am asked whether I would want spirituality instead, I would pick spirituality because it has so much power. I am someone who likes power. Don’t mistake me,” he said.


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