Tubelight Review – How bright is Salman Khan’s Tubelight?

Bollywood Red Tubelight Review FeaturesBollywood Red Tubelight Review Features

Salman Khan is here again, with his 2017 Eid special. His movies are normally taken for granted to be major hits, especially the ones that release on Eid. As a matter of fact, Salman Khan’s Eid releases have turned out to be some of the biggest releases in the history. This includes Sultan (2016), Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015), Kick (2014), Ek Tha Tiger (2012), Bodyguard (2011), Dabangg (2010), and Wanted (2009). But for those who have not seen the movie on day one, let’s see what critics and reviewers have to say about it.


Released on 23 June 2017

Dierctor: Kabir Khan

Writer: Kabir Khan,  Parveez Sheikh

Cast: Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Om Puri, Zhu Zhu

So, here are the reviews:

Bollywood Red Tubelight Review 8

Review by Rajiv Masand

Site: News18

Rating: 1.5/5

There’s a whiff of a promising idea at the heart of Tubelight, a film built on good intentions and a flimsy conceit. It’s intended as an uplifting tale about the “taakat of yakeen” (or the power of self-belief), but it’s weighed down by a wafer-thin plot, cloying sentimentality, and a central performance so labored, so contrived it’s painful to watch.

Salman Khan has made a career and achieved dizzying heights of success playing parts that have barely required him to break a sweat. Ironically, one of Bollywood’s most controversial stars found his groove playing various iterations of the mild-mannered, pure-hearted simpleton, most notably in Kabir Khan’s entertaining and emotionally impactful Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

These are bold ideas and they rest completely on Salman‘s ability to portray the character without a hint of artifice. And he tries. Which is the kindest thing I can say about his performance. 

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Review by Sukanya Verma

Site: Rediff

Rating: 2/5

Salman Khan as a wide-eyed, pure-hearted paragon of virtue alongside a knee-high angel made for some heartrending drama in Kabir Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

The director recreates this imagery to make a case for innocence-prevailing-against-all-odds even more ardently if not half as effectively in his latest offering, Tubelight.

While Bajrangi Bhaijaan balanced its marshmallow idealism with sly politics and legitimate humour, Tubelight has an atmosphere of laboured decency.

The star tries too hard to act cute bursting in an angry pout or puerile tone when not feigning embarrassment about his perennially unzipped pants aimed to bare his slow-minded condition, exaggerated klutziness and lack of guile.

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Bollywood Red Tubelight Review 6

Review by Meena

Site: The Times of India

Rating: 3/5

At the outset, one must warn people that Tubelight is a departure from your regular Salman Khan mass entertainer. Here Bollywood’s darling-star plays a child-man who doesn’t take off his shirt or flex his biceps. So the audience going in for this one should invest belief (or should that be disbelief?) in this age of innocence offering from Kabir Khan, whose past outings Ek Tha Tiger and Bajrangi Bhaijaan were more commercially-wired.

When it comes to performances–Salman laughs and cries unselfconsciously, showing his audience the less-seen side of his macho screen image. He cannot move mountains with his performance but he tries hard to keep the faith alive. 

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Review by Shubhra Gupta 

Site: The Indian Express

Rating: 1.5/5

A man child. Or a child-like man. Salman Khan has had long practice of playing one or the other kind of male, and has aced both. His latest alter ego takes the child-like aspect of man several notches higher. Salman’s character Laxman Singh Bisht is called, disparagingly, ‘tubelight’. Why? Simple. It flickers. It takes time to switch on. And then, and then only, there is light.

Salman Khan, Kabir Khan film gets its message right — love conquers all — but it is the messenger who fails. The effort of playing a slow-witted man shows on Salman in every frame. 

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Bollywood Red Tubelight Review FeaturesBollywood Red Tubelight Review Features

Review by Kunal Guha

Site: Mumbai Mirror

Kabir Khan’s official adaptation of Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s Little Boy stutters and staggers in retelling the story of a boy’s deluded perception of war and his ability to end it. For one, the little boy in this film is our XXL-sized bhai who interprets his differently-abled character by clubbing pain and confusion in every expression — possibly a result of being forced into a sweater a few sizes smaller. While Little Boy demonstrated the fact that belief and conviction can move mountains, Tubelight features a baby-talking adult who’s bedazzled by a pair of boots that he calls “sooj”.


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Review by Murtaza Ali Khan

Site: A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

Rating: 6.5/10

Tubelight is the latest offering from Kabir Khan starring the Sultan of Bollywood, Salman Khan, in the title role. The film co-stars Sohail Khan, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, Om Puri, and the renowned Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. Tubelight also features a cameo from the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. The film is an adaptation of the American war drama, Little Boy (2015), directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde.  While Little Boy is set in the backdrop of the Second World War, Tubelight is set during the 1962 India-China War. Tubelight is the story of Laxman Singh Bisht aka Tubelight and his quest to bring his beloved brother back home from the disastrous war. However, the catch is that Laxman although looks like a grownup man he still behaves like a child. He neither has the wits nor the means to ensure his brother’s safe return. The only thing that he has is faith. It is said that faith can move mountains and so Laxman, pitted against insurmountable odds, must learn never to lose his faith, come what may. Faith, hope and love are the three things that define Tubelight.

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Bollywood Red Tubelight Review 3Bollywood Red Tubelight Review 3

Review by Aakash Barvalia

Site: filmyakki

It’s an official adaptation of the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Gomez Monteverde’s war movie LITTLE BOY, which is about a man’s unshakeable belief. It’s a story about a simpleton man, Laxman Singh Bisht (Salman Khan), who is known as Tubelight by the people as he is slow in understanding situations and has a different way of responding the same.

Now as the story is set in 1962 against the backdrop of the Indo-Chinese war, Indian Army requested civilians to join the army and serve for the nation. While Laxman gets rejected, his younger brother Bharat Singh Bisht (Sohail Khan) got selected and eventually goes to the border to fight against the Chinese invasion.

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