Virat Kohli Defending Anushka Sharma Is The Most Retweeted Tweet of 2016


It was the middle of the world T20 Championship. India had just reached the semi-finals, but Virat Kohli was not performing at his best. Anuskha Sharma and Virat Kohli had recently broken up and the overzealous fans of India who love Cricket and Bollywood above everything else took their frustration out on Anuskha Sharma. She was blamed for Virat’s poor performance and was trolled mercilessly.

That’s when Virat Kohli made the tweet that will attain the status of legends in times to come. He came to Anuskha’s rescue and gave a slice of his rage to the trolls. It came with a picture that showed the word “SHAME” written on the walls, all caps. In text it said “Shame on people for trolling non-stop. Have some compassion. She has always only given me positivity”

And it worked. The mob of trolls stopped,cooled down and dispersed . What surfaced in stead is a new found awe of Virat Kohli and waves of warmth from fans for the couple. People started retweeting it and it became one of the rare occasions where twitter bullying and trolling being countered at a mass level with Anushka Sharma right in the middle and an angry Virat Kohli defending her.

It also brought the couple back together. Damshell in distress, rescued by a brave knight who feared not the mob – all happened on social media – in front of the whole world to see. Not even Bollywood’s best could have written a better script. No wonder Anushka Sharma could not stay away for long. Whatever had happened to bring about the break up was too small in front of this brave gesture of love and bravery.


Since March 29, the tweet has also amassed over 1 lakh ‘likes’ and 12,000 comments on the social networking site. Twitter has announced that it has become the most retweeted tweet.

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