I Want to have Babies, Maternal Instincts Have Started To Kick In – Kangana Ranaut


29 year old and three time national award winner actress Kangana Ranaut says, she wants to have babies, maternal instincts have stated kicking in and it is hard not to share it.”I think I have been fairly independent, but when you are in your late twenties, somewhere your maternal instincts start kicking in and you start to get that feeling very badly: ‘I want to have babies’.” “I never thought I would talk like this, but it gets really hard not to share it. I am hoping to see that day,” the 29-year-old actress told IANS.


Kangana says the acting gave her an opportunity to express herself freely. She said that with acting let her channelize the “enormous energy that was almost on the verge of exploding.” Kangana also talked about her earlier tensed relationship with her parents. Kangana, who became an actor against her father’s wishes, says that being in a “creative field has allowed me to be a complete human being.”

“The big fireballs which I felt growing up in my stomach somewhere has got an expression now. If I don’t do anything for days, it starts to bother me. I sort of find a way to express myself and give a weight to that energy. That expression is not just restricted to my films. If you go to my house or in my writing, you will find that expression,” Kangana told IANS.


I was someone who was very confused about what I wanted do, especially with the enormous energy that was almost on the verge of exploding. As a teenager, I did not know what to do with it, and hence the fights with parents,” Kangana said. “Unleashing of those forces into something creative was amazing. I am glad that I started to act, write and do other things like poetry,” Kangana said.

Kanagna debuted 2006 film Gangster – A Love Story co-starring Emraan Hashmi and Shiney Ahuja. Kangana stood out with films like Fashion, Queen, Tanu Weds Manu Returns – she got National Awards for all three films. Her upcoming films are Vishal Bhardwaj’s World War II-based film Rangoon, Sujoy Ghosh’s period piece Rani Lakshmi Bai and Hansal Mehta’s crime thriller Simran.


Kangana is currently involved in an ugly controversy with Hrithik Roshan where she claims they had an affair and Hrithik denies it. It has turned into a murky mess of accusations, counter accusations, lawsuits, counter lawsuits and a multiple statements to the media.

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